Some swords

Any tips are welcome :cool:

They’re nice. The top one looks too shiny though : \

Top one looks nothing like a sword due to crappy overdone shading, it extends too far down the blade should just have a subtle effect on the top bit.

Bottom one looks too fat, needs to be longer (two-hand sword) if you use that thickness.

What he said :smiley:

Tried messing around with the top one… I don’t know how to shade it :/. I tried just doing it subtly by removing most of the bottom shading and it looks like shit.

Second one, I meant it to be a one hand sword, go work out :smugbert:

Though I do agree the handle could be a tad longer… but I ran out of space on my template heh

I like how your swords magically jump in length on diagonals (Or appear to) it’s quite… awesome.

They’re magic swords.

I wish my sword was magic, then it would extend from 2.3 inches to 10 inches when I tell it to. :[

You aren’t rubbing hard enough


Oh and priests, don’t forget priests.


Oh, nevermind.

first blade looks like a knife, needs a hilt. But that second blade is nice. Keep it up!

The first one looks like a Flat sheet of metal, and the Second one looks Like a Rainbow’s Genitals If you where to use some other colors, the second one would look good.
(Like Yellow, and have those Circles be purple)
Something like that.

They’re fine. We already gave him the opinion he needed.

Its a win win, he gets advice on his drawing, and yen gets told hes doing it wrong :0

Pointing out the obvious

You’re doing it right.

I realize the first sword is flat looking, but have no idea how to texture it. I’ve tried adding cracks to it, etc. but it just looks weird.


I tried my best. Did some reshaping and recoloring on the first blade.

Shows after then before.

Cool thanks! :smiley:

Looks alot like the lightning blade on Xialza =_=