Somthing we don't see in the games of today

Yes, what don’t we see? Well, we dont see and simulation games that are decent and not just a copy of a previous version thats tweaked.

No my buddies (IN Graal Reborn and if your not banned, we are buddies), i am not talking about Flight Sims or FPS Games to mimic real life in the army. I am talking about the original Sim Games have nearly been lost in time.

So lets take a trip in history, and see a few things that are treasures of sim games.

Life and Death 2: The Brain - Windows DOS

The game might sound crappy, it might seem crappy but its actully a great simulation game for its mass realisum in the day. You peform operations on the brain, and they consit of multiple things. Your goal of what to do is discovered by what the diagnosis of the patient is.

I’m not explaining much info but the game was made by an actual brain surgeon (Who’s name i forgot) which explains the mass realistic levels in the game. Give it a try as it is abandonware. :suicide:

Sim Earth - DOS (and ported to SNES and Sega CD( Sega CD only in japanese))

Will Wright as we know today is a sim-game god. You know it too but here is one of his god games that is fun as Spore. Sim Earth, one god game that actully requires you to teraform the planet so life grows and evolves. I can’t explain it well as my left wrist is hurting due to the cat keep pouncing at it for a stroke. The game is abandonware too. Have fun with it and see if you get a perfect (won’t ever happen) planet.

There are bunch more games i can add to the list. If it wasnt a sim game list, i would have added in Lesiure Suit Larry or Blue Force. Feel free to add some things (Game must be before year 2003)

What the hell are you bitching about now?


He wants Sim City 2010 instead of ArmA 2.

Since when did this place become game politics?

Please better form your thoughts.

Well sorry about this topic but it was hard to think at the time when creating it. It seems some of the sim-games we find today just lack good things from the past. I wish there was a fan-remake of Sim-Earth though.

Make a Sims clone in Graal. DO IT!

Lol that last part has no relevance to anything you said before.

Sims Clone in Graal? Great idea actully. Just dont pee everywhere and start fires. Too bad i never really learned creating Graal Levels and worlds.

That was the idea behind hotel reborn. Never worked out :confused:

Hotel Reborn was a good idea it just wouldn’t work :frowning:

It’d work, just not with me, I don’t have the patience for simulators, that’s why I changed to tencendor instead :slight_smile:

No it wouldn’t have, putnpc doesn’t save :frowning:

There is a way, it’s just not easy(and requires a modded gserver). Beholder uses a method to do it… but like I said, not easy.