Spar Queue

Since people have been asking for it, I made this a few minutes ago.

It’s two NPCs, one’s a weapon, and the other one’s a level NPC. To see how to use them, look at this example level.

Parameters have to be changed in both NPCs.

In the weapon NPC, you have to define where you want players to respawn.

In the level NPC, you have to place the level NPC in the top left corner of the spar arena and go into the script and define the width and height of the arena in the playerenters function. You can also specify an inactivity timer, where if nobody says start within that amount of time, they are assumed AFK or a griefer and will be kicked.

i call winner ~ add to queue
exit spar ~ leave spar
exit queue ~ leave queue

In the commands, exit and leave are interchangeable.

mm yea

Completely untested with multiple people, but I have no doubt it works.

Someone tell me if it works, I don’t even know if it works O_o

Too late… They’ve already distributed it, you’ll just have to wait for the new threads when they ask for help with the spar queue script they’ve been working on.