spent 5 minutes on this server

excellent job

a couple things to note:

Spelling seems to be off, eg. “newcommers”, “afriad”.
If you sell ‘0’ hearts you get a message saying “Cannot afford this”.
Q system seems a bit buggy, sometimes selecting items gets glitchy-- that or I’m doing something wrong.
Q system’s font is way too small. Not sure if it’s a problem on my side or not, but it looks to be about 8pt.

other than that, I’m enjoying Pheonix so far. Probably one of the more humourous servers I’ve been on.


edit: Walked into OSL, was greeted by SoM music. Score increased to 10/10.

The jump rope is useful! It makes NPCs talk to you!

Not sure about the spelling, but I never read the signs anyway. :slight_smile:
As far as the Q menu goes, one things for certain: it’s loadedwith code, so are the tailor shops on that note.
It took me awhile to finally navigate through the menu, but you’ll get it eventually. A Tip: Usually the menu gets stuck on one item and doesn’t let you select another…keep tapping the “A” key and it should deselect it, I’m pretty sure that was all part of the plan so I’m not going to call it a glitch.

Uh, if you read anything and have passed elementary school English you can tell that there are several typos that need to be fixed. Q Menu is filled with code but that doesn’t mean it can’t be ironed out. Knowing tricxta, having to mash A to get out of a menu wasn’t on purpose.

These problems are probably pretty obvious and I didn’t need to point them out.

But yeah Rammy, how’s your server’s bugs going? Are they on purpose too? :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for checking out my server, Yenairo! No wait…you’ve never even been on it yet. Oops?
How do you know about the bugs? Oh wait…you read outdated replies to my server’s thread. Oops?
I’m sure the Phoenix staff will be glad that you posted in there Bug Report section. What’s that…you made your own thread to post about a 5min stroll on a server :animesmiley:

Those are some nice stats you got there, I’m glad you had a timeout.
Now do me a favor and try to act decent, don’t want another timeout now do you?

omg ur welcm

Nothing better to do then to give me negative rep. :animesmiley:
Keep it up guys!

Feel my pain?

Watching them get mad at everything amuses me. :wink:
If you’re offended by them, you might want to think about the crap they’ve been through.

Been through with spooon or in general?

Stop posting off-topic outside of misc.

Could a mod either clean the thread up or close it? Thanks

lol, shut up man. /facepalm

Can Ygg get the complaint award?

Can you get the fuck out? Nobody wants you here rofl

See what I mean? Always complaining.

Funny, your mom wasn’t complaining last night when I fucked her brains out. Though…she did complain that the last time she had sex without protection she made a mistake. :ohdear:

srsly get out.

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Everybudy Calm Down… No need to flame war :wink:
I always getting neg rep from spooon so what?
It doesn’t care :stuck_out_tongue:
I got 4 of them tho but I ignore them
just remember,
forum is just forum, its not affecting the server,
the player who harass you will affect to their server from their stupidness

Where was I for all of this? Sheesh Mol what a terrible thread.

To one of the points of the thread, my spelling is pretty atrocious without the thin squiggly red line. I’m the type of person who reads really impatiently and I don’t catch spelling mistakes all that easily. If anyone does find spelling errors PLEASE point them out.