Split warp gani

Some warp animation I made for Armonston Ch2.
Some of you guys may have played the quest where that happens, I think it was used after or before that labyrinth thing, the graveyard “dungeon” on PWA.

Hah, nice work.
Would be cool to also have the sprite’s alpha decrease as they get further away from the original position. I think you can set the colour of individual sprites (editing via notepad) .

Also does this mean we might be seeing a 2nd chapter soon? Despite not many people taking the time to play through the first, I think it was more from a usability point of view as the scripts could have used some adjustment, and better cues to aid players. But if you were to take away from chapter 1 as a lesson, it would be great to play again.

I have paid attention to what players did when they connected on my server (through the account logs) and no one really got past the prince’s bride quest.
In reality, it was kind of tedious and the levels were way too spacious. The whole thing lacked direction for the player; I aimed to fill it up through time but I believe it confused and/or deceived players.

Ch 2 was aimed to be very linear and a lot tighter. Most if not all the content would have been restricted to one player and there wouldn’t be any discovery phase, everything happening back to back.

Some of it is done but I’m trying to pursue and seek lucrative or self developing activities nowadays. Don’t expect the 2nd chapter… I’ve just happened to have found that while looking for a jumping animation for Chicken.

gif or kys

gif of what?

The animation. So people don’t have to download it to see it. Cool ani btw. Very star trekish XD.

Oh right, I’ll do that sometime this weekend I guess.


edit: Man, this forum doesn’t have webm support?