Spooon is a very positive person

nice idea

Didn’t work last time.

Oh well. Keep trying until it works.

Try all the time!

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Yes it’s a complete sentence, forum. Fuck. LET ME DROP MY a IN PEACE.

“VariousWorlds” almost had me permanently gone. That was the dumbest idea ever. Please never speak of it again, thanks!

As for still being named after Graal, I think I’m indifferent. It has good and bad points that pretty much cancel each other out, to me. While Graal has become a festering wound with a dispicable “owner”, I think we all have to agree that we have some very fond memories of it at different points.

it was a social experiment which verified that you cant satisfy everyone, and the best solution is to do nothing, which is probably why no one has really done anything here in quite a while. i’m sorry but we couldnt go on without you codr so we had to backout the change. maybe some day you will look beyond the retarded name and embrace the community for what it is instead of what it’s called.

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You didn’t change it back because of me alone. I’m not important anyway. You’re doing more for everyone than anyone else is so far.

no, codr, it was and forever will be for you more than anyone else. pls come back to discord

It’s too distracting and chaotic.

all you gotta do is mute the channel and then it wont bleep at you for everything

Haha, obviously I can configure software. It’s distracting by knowing it’s there to look at constantly. And usually with not-so-meaningful comments to read. Also, you still didn’t provide a reason for me to be on there.

because we enjoy your company ya goof ball. pls do the needful