Spooon is a very positive person

Just brings so much positivity into every thread he posts in.

Next up:
Trump leaves office! WILLINGLY!!

Spooon has always been a positive influence on me and my work here at GR. He can be blunt sometimes but I’ve never had a problem with him.

I like spooon a lot. The way he’s supportive to every member of the community, he’s welcoming and all his posts are relevant.
Spooon for moderator!

I’m already a mod. -Spooon


only a few people are allowed to like spooon and he enforces that policy himself

Everyone loves Spooon. They wouldn’t remember him if they didn’t.

Spooons a hoe

Where’s Spooon? He owes me a reply.

He’s gone and this place is better off without him.

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For being the biggest anti-community member, he stuck around a while. He may even be lurking at all times. Waiting to pounce.

I’m not anti-community. I just think we should have fucking named the community PlayerWorlds. Plus I hate Graal, and since this is a Graal community I don’t have much interest in it anymore.

Agreed on a name change but wasn’t there a community called PlayerWorlds once upon a time, or was that just what Graal called the one section of their website (and the name of their non-official servers)?

Graal Playerworlds is the shitty pc client that actually has all the servers on it you just can’t access the “iservers” via the client unless you have a high enough ego and popularity to be recruited as a mindless staff who obeys unixmad and his regime.

Makes sense.

EDIT-TION: Why not call the site just like Reborn, Re:born or some variant of it? Drop the Graal in the title, at least. Reduce the shots taken at the site?

I don’t know.

The goal of this place is so Graal doesn’t die even though our means were greatly empoverished by the French man. Graal Reborn is still relevant. The name change attempt didn’t work anyway.

How was it attempted? I’ve never seen any change in aesthetic branding or website address.

Let Graal burn, and from it’s ashes, bring about something new and exciting… Like hookers, and blackjack.

For a very short period of time this was called variousworlds. But those who weren’t in the discord (including some who were there but changed their minds) when we decided the name didn’t agree and hated the name so we turned back to Graal Reborn.

We should have went with playerworlds but since Unixmad has used that name since well before us, hosler was afraid we’d get DMACed again.

Now you know, another chapter in Graal history I guess…



We should have a community vote on a new name.

I vote Graaly McGraalFace