Quit getting butt-hurt so fucking easily…


___Merged doublepost__________________

variousweapon 4:44 pm
(4:44:28 PM): lol i so got urza back for you
MonsterSpooon 4:45 pm
(4:45:20 PM): What?
variousweapon 4:45 pm
(4:45:29 PM): he’s mocking you on the forums so I mocked his mockery
MonsterSpooon 4:45 pm
(4:45:35 PM): Stop fucking talking
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I’m not fucking mad at you. I’m trying to play a game and I’m fucking dying because of AIM.

Another mystery solved by Urza and the VariousWeapon, and as always–Just in time for dinner time!

You can close the thread now.

Could have just said that… Thread Closed