so, spooon im going to make this public because i am sick and tired of this…
you just banned 4 innosint people using the same proxy of me they go as follows
Sam- Lyoko Scripter and my sister
Mask- Lyoko LAT, and GFX + My brother
Theman5727- DM, and one of the owners of lyoko (uses the same school proxy as me)
Scarlett- Sam’s backup
PerfectDark- My Testbed test account.

I allready spoke with theman5727 and he is furious, and tracked your ip to concord, NH.

And last time i heard your banning powers were suspended, and mod level dropped.

anyways, im not going to reply back to this thread, and by request of the OP (me) I request this closed.

actually no he wasn’t demoted, everyone is just a dumbass

and no you can’t have this closed


Lmfao, Spooon has already posted his address before. Oh yeah… his posts are gone… But the thing is, Darkblade, fuck you.

You tracked my IP to Concord, NH which is funny because looks at the where it says “location” in my profile I don’t live in Concord, NH.

I don’t care about those other members either, tbh.

Omg spoon! They will hax0r you!

can i please be out of your signature
you cant even spell gllt right

Arent you pro, tracking Spooons IP to find out where he lives when it clearly states his location in every post.

This shit is fucking hilarious. Roflmao

I read all 17 pages of the other thread before the forums went down last night - something I RARELY do, due to the piss poor post quality here. And I must say, 11/10, would read again.

Darkblade is fucking out of his mind. He pisses off the GR community and then tries to get the community to rally against one of its leaders.

Darkblade: I just hacked spooon to figure out where he works! He works at Lockheed Martin!

… oh wait thats in his profile to.

lol spoon calls himself a leader

One of many.

You are bigger idiot than biggest idiot ever…

-=End of Line=-

lmfao @ dontar
jesus christ

He’s a bigger idiot than Wheatley.

I now request this thread deleted because of the past is the past… Please

I’ll close it. This is GR history, of course. :wink:

LOL. I needed a good laugh.

I laughed while typing it. :smiley: