Stop closing threads, I know you wan’t to take Dangerless’s award but you’re taking to shit way to seriously and closing threads that should be left open. Slow down. I’m sure others will agree.


Give me an example of a thread I closed that should have been left open. If it’s anime I’ll ban you for lolz.

well you left this one open when it should be closed

Spooon cussed, he should be locked up in the Zolderon mines.

Spooon decided he telepathically hates me and decided to send me to the shadow realm!
[what? i’m busy derailing fibbing right now.]

Well I thwarted a mugging not 15 minutes ago

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Im just sitting back laughing and drinking grape Kool’ aid, Keep em coming C:!

The virginity remains strong

Can you at least try to be funny?

He’s not being funny. He’s being clever.

Here’s an action replay:


I love you

lol fags