Sprites / Tiles / Etc. Taking Requests

Taking requests on sprites, tiles, any pixel art to be used in a graal server…have helped a couple people already but want to take public requests… Finished work can be added to this thread or sent to you directly…again…I prefer public requests i.e. work I can post in this thread and others can use as well.

Please no open-ended requests (i.e. Random Person - I need a grass tile… give me more info on exactly what you want dont post like Random Person did :rolleyes: )

Attached is latest work of art that was OK to be public available by me…check back for more or drop requests I will do what I can…

Aqua Warp Ring

Dirt Tiles (16x16 with variations)…please make sure u request private projects as private projects…no specification I just dump on here) EDIT - Rocks need work but not even sure if this is exactly what you wanted (Bottom right is your “prominent crack” request sitting beside an obvious crack)

I want a dirt tile with a nice solid crack in it, it needs to be not too dark because the theme of the server is “light.” The crack needs to not be prominent, when I say that I mean don’t make it totally obvious to the viewer. If you can do that, I’ll hand you #v(i) internet(s).

Bump…like that Yenairo?

crack on the bottom right looks good

Is that bird seed on the ground I see at the top right?

lmfao ya it says the “rocks” need work…they are shit but he wanted the crack at the bottom right 2x2 tiles so I didnt worry bout the bird seed or the fact that the bottom left crack is in dire need of touchup as well :stuck_out_tongue:

Could you make me a bed that looks exactly like the one from the Graal PC Atlantis tileset?

So, you mean like, steal it?

Not exactly steal it. I mean, so it looks basically the same, but edited.

Well this guy isn’t even around anymore. Maybe you want to create a new thread?

Just take it. No one cares.