Took a 5 minute break…and thought what I would find handy…

Who doesn’t love…SPY TOOLS!!!

// NPC made by alex
if(playerenters)toweapons Spy Tool;
this.on=(this.on +1)%2;
if(this.on==1){say2 #i(#3,0,64,32,32): Spy On!;}
if(this.on==0){say2 #i(#3,0,64,32,32): Spy Off!;}
if(mousedown && this.on == 1){
setfocus mousex,mousey;


Click where you want it to focus, right click to reset focus XD


this is kinda neat. you can do if (this.on) with an else after it to make it even neater. fun script. also i dont think you need braces if there is only 1 command in the conditional.

Downsider made a real nice spy tool on XoriaPW '08 back in the day.

Spy Tool

Alex put this on Exotic and it is awesome! You gotta love it! :stuck_out_tongue:

xP lolol. This Couldn’t resist making this XD

And yes, if there is only one command, you don’t need brackets…But I used them anyway, because they help me organize my script. :slight_smile:

This script is the best!

Yes, yes it is.
What would’ve been better is if Alex was actually back like I had thought. :\

I’d love it if alex came back, because then i’d laugh so hard each time he posted a new script.