This is the real final roaster, so anyways, NO MEGAMAN LOSERS. Now that we got this out of our system it's time to explain a few things. Ness is a clone, his final smash is the same as Lucas as Falcos final smash is the same as Fox's. Then we got Young Link who has the same damn moves just in Wind Waker style, Wolf I don't know for sure…enjoy.


Wolf is just like Falco same final smash, I hear the movesets are not too different but enough to notice. Robot is ROB from an old NES game, he…sucks? So, yes, we do have clones…if not, then semi-clones. Enjoy

Videos - Young Link fighting - Gameplay - Stage Builder - Gameplay Footage. - Check out Luigi!


“Toon Link” is corny. Everyone else just calls it Celda.


Meh. Anyways, heres some music I've come across so far. - MOTHER 3 ~ Love Theme - Super Mario World Title/Ending - Staf Wolf Theme - Pokemon: Main Theme - Super Mario Kart: Mario Circuit' - Yoshi's Island: Athletic & Bowser Entrance - Animal Crossing Wild World: Medley - Final Destination - Starfox 64 Remix - Megapack IV I believe this is almost a full gamerip.