Staff Drag

Give this weapon to every player:

if(playerenters){toweapons -dragplayer;} if (actionprojectile || actionprojectile2) { if (strequals(#p(2),clickDrag) && strequals(#p(3),#a)) { freezeplayer 0.3; setani drag,; playerx = strtofloat(#p(4)); playery = strtofloat(#p(5)); } }

Give this weapon to staff:

if (playertouchsme){ toweapons Staff/Drag; hidelocal; } if (weaponfired) { if (!this.on) { set this.on; setplayerprop #c,On; } else { unset this.on; setplayerprop #c,Off; } = -1; timeout = 0.05; } if (timeout) { if (!this.on) return; timeout = 0.05; getTarget(); moveTarget(); } function getTarget() { if (leftmousebutton) { if (!this.lmb) { set this.lmb; for (i=0;i<playerscount;i++) { if (abs(players[i].x+1.5-mousex) < 1 && abs(players[i].y+1.5-mousey) < 1.5) { = i; this.dx = players[i].x; this.dy = players[i].y; this.omousex = mousex; this.omousey = mousey; break; } } } } else { = -1; unset this.lmb; } } function moveTarget() { if ( < 0) return; this.dx += mousex-this.omousex; this.dy += mousey-this.omousey; setshootparams clickDrag,#a(,#v(this.dx),#v(this.dy); shoot -10,-10,0.05,0.05,0.05,0.05,,,,,; this.omousex = mousex; this.omousey = mousey; }

here is the gani for it

I think all anyone ever wants to make is staff tools.

yeah staff abuse for the win Lol

I remember the golden days of staff abusing ever single player that entered my server. It was really bad at one point when I had like 10 people with staff tools that all collectively chased after the poor players that connected to my server.

That’s hilarious, but not really because that’s how you lose people.

Lol the truh is the funniest part :smiley:

I have a Pirates of the Carribean like compass somehwere lying around… I wonder why I haven’t uploaded it.

Why do people even need these? Summon , Warpto etc work well enough…

that’s not fun though

Abuse is fun.

t. my gf

sure it is. Summon people onto trees where nobody can see them, and force them to use unstick to get out.

yeah but you can DRAG them onto trees, even better

xD i just thought it was cool so i posted it… XD

Alt+Click on map -> summon [playername]

not so hard


But I think drag was the keyword there… using the mouse on graal dude! The mouse!

both my hands will remain on the keyboard when I play Graal, and that’s the way I like it!

ctrl not alt