Staff Thread and Hiring


Tw1gg3h: Owner/Lead Dev
Tricxta: Co-Owner/Lead NAT



Pretty basic to say, the tileset used is “classicstyletiles_twiggy.png” works with the 222 editor GraalEditor freaks out with it.
graphics would be along the lines of making Monsters, Weapons, Icons, and much other graphics needed.
Animations, just animate the graphics to work within game :stuck_out_tongue: Stuff like Idle, Walk, sword attack, skills ect.

Tryouts are basic. For Graphics, draw me a sword with 2 animations. Straight and rotated sideways.
For Levels, use the tileset and make me a detailed outside level and a detailed inside level, for inside levels you can
login and view a building inside to see the expected style, THIS STYLE IS STRICT.

Animations, really easy. Just take any old image and make an awesome Gani with it.

Send applications to [email protected] and then post on here that you applied.

If you have skill and I already know you, feel free to hop in without trying out p:

You still using that Atlantis tileset?

seems interesting.