Stendhal: an open-source MORPG similar to Zelda

Taken from the README file of the client:

342 creatures defined:
a big world:

And becoming quite popular, see 2010 year review:

Go read more at:

Eh… I did not try it yet. :rolleyes:

Nothing like zelda.

So, what? Is this another ‘Graal’, basically?
…lets see someone here try it, we needed something to review/ignore for a long time. …I guess?

I did try it.
it has gridbased movement,
click commands,
turnbased combat,
and you have to type in ‘hi’ to talk to npcs.
It’s honestly more like a generic rpg on byond.

It does however have an engine one would want to take a look at.
Possibly this could create something completely different.

I wish those rats would knew it and wait their turns.

Fto fto FTO.

Just saying.