Stephane surgery?

[quote=Stefan]The name Graal was introduced by unixmad,
it is the French (and old latin) form of Grail
And we pronounce it like Bart, Art, Carl,
(I also pronounce both a’s in gralat like this :-)[/quote]

I’m so confused
so am I right for pronouncing it like the cups in the classic server or not? Grail?
fuk u unixmad for being a pretentious cunt and having terrible name sense.

Like Grahl

i always say grawl

Monty python fire mage version for me

That’d be because you’re not French.


I read somewhere that they wanted to name it grail at first but it was already used for another game. So they went for the french name.


france beste coutnrey

everyday is a kebab party