Still stuck in newbie level

hey, i kinda just discovered graal reborn, and decided to try out the GTA server. Everything worked fine until i got stuck into some wall, used the warp ring and got warped to Tule, aka the tutorial town. I had to shoot an arrow and a bomb, but i can’t use both of them. I know there’s already a thread like this, but it’s closed.

Thanks, dylan.

There are some issues with the server as it is right now. I should probably hide it as no one is currently working on fixing it. Perhaps someone with access to the server knows what to do to help you.

Spooon / kalzor, can you check this out?

I just got hit by this as well. Seems like something is screwing with the quiver/bomb bag flag or NPCW somehow. Also my Quiver is missing now but not my bomb bag


I was able to leave the general newbie house area via the use of CC’s Cape of the Hero to warp to Chaotica, but of course I still can’t seem to use Bombs or Arrows and strangely enough the Zorbi Ring. Everything else works fine. Also I was able to receive Gertrude’s “blessing” of having a halo over my head. It’s like some of my flags got reset but not all of them? Strange ass bug.

Either way, if possible I’d like to have an account reset.