Story Line

Heres my story line…

Any suggestions? :slight_smile:

Make it better.

Lol… Like how though? What should i add/edit?

Replace evil diamonds(demonds) with kittens. Villain protagonist. =P


How the hell am i aspost to fit that on a sign? xD Though ill use it

Nah, i put it on a sign when u enter, it automatically pops up

___Merged doublepost__________________

Though thanks! You have many talents riley…

–Closed Thread–

Well Riley, come on later and look… i managed to fit it on a sign

Cross ill also take a look and see what i can do…


Just finished it today! :smiley:

that story makes me want to throw up. sounds like you’re trying too hard. a real plot would be like this: you were unlucky enough to be born in a world where dragons are always trying to kill you. so now you gotta deal with it the only way you know how. with some badass weapons and magic.

The grammar is pretty shotty as well x_x

ino its got a good base but all the possibilities included in it make it seem quite lame

Nipple stand.