Okay, question about the storyline classic weapons. So far I’ve collected:Basic Sword (sword1.png) (Duh), Bloody Axe (sword2.png) (not really but I got a lvl2 sword), The Chaos Sword (sword152.png), The Blood Katana (redkatana-sword.png) (or Red katana of Izlude, it’s a matter of preference really), and I couldn’t get it, but I have the pieces to make Zol’s Sword (sword3.png???), and the Golden Sword (sword4.png) is a thing but unattainable online. Are there any more story-based/quest swords I missed?

And my second question is about Zol’s Sword… What is it? I mean I have all three pieces but because of a glitch or it’s “rumored removal” I can’t make it, I just want to confirm if it’s simply sword3.png or a special sword code to make it truly Zol’s Sword. Can anyone tell me it’s sword code?

Might this be it?

Why’s it matter if you get all the story swords? As long as you get Zol’s Sword (Lizardon Sword) you’re fine. Only reason you should even get the other swords are for the Hera quests that they are probably part of.

@Cadavre: Maybe, I’m not entirely sure. I have all three parts but the alien blacksmith still says I have insufficient parts, I’ll test out those “troubleshoots” later though, thanks for helping me out on that.

@Spooon: because it’s fun! that and because my 5 Year Graaloholic buddy who goes by JudgeJody is making his iClassic home pay homage to Old Classic. From what he told me he has it Modeled after the house in the GBC Demo. He was setting up sword displays for all the main/quest weapons you receive from the adventure, and hes kinda busy so he asked me to play through the adventure… its kind of a payback for me making him make an official Sardon Mage Head/Body template… Sorry I’m starting to ramble, all I needed to know was if those were all the swords you receive in-game so I could tell him, thanks for confirming it as the lizardon sword though!

Sword 1, Bloody Axe, Chaos Blade, Blood Katana, Zol’s Sword (Lizardon Sword), Golden Sword

If you set your sword to sword4.png you can see that the Golden Sword was planned to be added. It has a particle effect when you walk and slash.

Maybe someday I’ll add the gold sword.

Thanks Spooon, you were a big help! I’ll let JJ know he doesn’t have to buy any more sword displays. Also Cadavre, I’ll try those options to fix the Zol’s sword mini quest thing later for myself, thank you too for looking that up for me.

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Oh yeah, one more thing, where do you get the Bloody Axe? I always seem to miss it and go straight to the Blood Katana… It’s not really important I’d just like to know.

From the ninjas in the ‘past’ area. (Small house next to Gertrude’s, you pay 30 rupees to take a portal to the past)

Alright thanks a lot you guys, you were all a big help, later I’ll go on the adventure and try that troubleshoot to get the Lizardon sword, and to see if I can reclaim that Bloody Axe, and just for clarity I have to go to the Ninji Castle in the Past?

Which era was it that you had to get a ninja suit and go to the ninja guru to get the level 2 sword?

All versions have Master Li and Bloody Axe, I thought.

more or less. What you’re referring to sounds like Thor’s version.

I’m pretty sure 2001-2002 had the master li quest to obtain the lvl 2 sword after the gnome quest. Thor’s version is based on different eras of classic. That part is probably taken from the 2001-2002 era.

Btw, was races included in 2002 or 2003? Is there any remnants of races in 2004? Would it be possible to re-enable it? Is there a backup of the Classic with races? (It’s not on the DVD afaik)

Level 2 Sword/Blood Axe at Master Li’s was replaced with the Ninji Katana or w.e roughly 2002.

AFAIK races weren’t completely removed from the last backup of GTA prior to NPC-Server, mainly just disabled. I’m not sure however how many weapons + levels would require updating in order to re-enable it, or whether a copy of all the relevant text files exists (I know I have zorbibubbled.txt).

Wasn’t races horribly unbalanced though? However it was a nice thought.

Races were super unbalanced. They are still on the server, just patched over.

Oh silly old me, I fixed my Zol’s Sword Quest dilemma. I found out I needed the Golden Shovel and Hammer first haha, it worked just fine and now I have a shiny new lizard sword to wreak havoc on some baddies with! And the occasional passerby

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Ugh my friend is too OCD… Do any of you know the '“proper order” in which to collect all the level 2 swords (blood katana, bloody axe, chaos sword)? Because I know the red katana can’t be obtained if you already have a level 2 sword or higher, and I’m not so sure about the bloody axe and it’s requirements. He wants his sword displays to be in order of when you’d collect them in-game. Sorry for bugging you guys over something pretty stupid

He said he has his displays ordered like this: basic, blood, axe, chaos, zol, golden.

He already has them ordered by level, he just wants to know the specific order of the 2’s.

there’s no order.

I always got the axe first because it’s the easiest to get.
Just go to taylor richard’s and a couple levels to the right… can’t be easier.