String Setter

Hello again! If you don’t know what a string is, just pass this thread by: it won’t be of any use to you. After numerous times of going to RC to set some strings to test things, I got tired of it and said, “What the heck! Why not make a weapon to do that FOR ME!.” So, here it is.

Say /setstring stringname,value to set a string to a certain value
ex. /setstring testquest,1

Say /set flagname to set a flag
ex. /set haschicken

Say /unset flagname to unset a flag
ex. /unset haschicken

you do NOT need to worry about turning it on or off, or whatever…it’ll work without you having the weapon equipped and all :slight_smile: Enjoy, just don’t take away the //NPC made by Alex, and thank me XDDDDD

Here is the script:

// NPC made by Alex if(playerenters)toweapons Tools/String Setter; if(playerchats) tokenize2 ,,#c; if(strequals(#t(0),/setstring)){ setstring #t(1),#t(2); } if(strequals(#t(0),/set)){ set #t(1); } if(strequals(#t(0),/unset)){ unset #t(1); } if(weaponfired){ say2 String setter! Commands:#b/setstring STRING,VALUE#b/set FLAG#b/unset FLAG }

Dude… please dont go filling the script showcase up with simple scripts like these. They serve no real purpose. I could post a whole lot of my script like this hitbox test thing im working on :

// NPC made by tricxta
for (this.i=0;this.i<4;this.i++){
  for (this.k=0;this.k<(this.sizex*this.sizey);this.k++){
    showimg this.imagecount,pics1.png,this.startx+this.k%this.sizex,this.starty+int(this.k/this.sizey);
    changeimgpart this.imagecount,0,16,16,16;

But I just dont bother because people dont need it nor want it. Just keep your scripts to yourself. Useful scripts are those that are considered harder to inexperienced coders like downsiders spar script. So either post more advanced scripts or dont post scripts here at all. Sorry dude I just dont think its right for you to be doing this.

Sure xD Just think that this is something people would find helpful xD Off to script something hard? :slight_smile:

Actually, good idea. Might as well make one thread! :slight_smile:
Lemme PM a mod…

This might come back to haunt you riley o.0

Meh, I’m going to expand on this xD Added /addweapon and /deleteweapon


I’d add a whole boatload of abusive stuff like hearts manipulator, changing other peoples stats, add gralats, and such (all very easy) but I’m afraid it’ll pop up on like Exotic and everyone wll get raped xD