Support for scripting

I have not yet had a chance to look at the editor, as I have just downloaded this (and am majorly impressed, good job guys), but is there support for gs2? I am wondering because the playerworld that I plan to finish (one of my older projects) is scripted mostly in gs1, though I had started converting some of the scripts to gs2 not too long ago.

Also, I suppose I should look around some more for documentation, but what exactly do I need to do to get a server up? Do I have to host it myself? Any help would be appreciated, I’ll compile a few screenshots to show y’all some progress very soon.


After reading through the forums I’ve come to the conclusion that GS2 is not supported.

Haha, well thanks for being the not-so-lazy one out of the two of us. Looks like I don’t have to keep converting!

  1. there is no support for gs2, also there is no support for serverside scripts

  2. for a step by step guide on how to set up a gserver:

I said it before Urza. :frowning:

Thx Nalin :smiley: