SW Graal

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HNK0iaQZdeE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4zhMvd5wK1E https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y0HXPuNz618 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lJZo6N4GEy4

Download v1.1 30mb 02-12-2018: http://www.mediafire.com/file/3isw85r6yuf0y0s/swgraalv1.1.zip
NAT Sneakers are in central_shop.nw

Update: Finishing all the main functionality and graphics over the next couple of weeks, then making the actual game, have an awesome plan for everything, more to come in March. Looking for player submitted levels, anything that does something cool or has interesting things in it that fits. Anyone can submit anything and credit yourself/add what you want in the game. If you see something somewhere you can fill in or want to do something with, please send it my way and I’ll add it, just pm me or post and let me know.

Heads in progress:

this is great, looking forward to future updates!

Thanks Dylan. My idea is to make it playable solo with a storyline for now, and set up a server when I’ve got enough content.

My Goals:

  1. Finishing main npcs (blaster/jetpack,)
  2. Making a ton of character heads, so it has a very rich depth of characters.
  3. Planets/quests
  4. Large scale battle scenes/quests with a variety of npc opponents. I envision being a Jedi leveling a field of droids, or battling with a lot of Jedi npc’s that push you back with the force, or Sith that zap you, and that would make the gameplay. Any ideas would be appreciated. I want to ensure it would be rich for one person to enjoy and have their own path through the game, and have opposing forces/armies to support or fight. Seems like it would be easy.

I could use help with making heads for characters from the Star Wars extended universe. Any characters welcome!

Also if anyone wants to make a planet, the ones below don’t have levels yet, and can be anything. I’d be happy to include anything anyone contributes.

Sounds like [USER=“541”]hosler[/USER] just got a new hangout

I just set up a gserver on a hosting company that works perfect, and need LAT and NAT team members, and any help in general. The game is close to being able to play, and the server and levels are ready to play/modify. Everything is open to the community of whoever takes interest in developing it to create what everyone wants it to be.

My goals for the foundational stuff:
Playable: add characters, quests, finish head graphics
Core Gameplay: finish item npcs, finish battle simulation

There are a lot of areas that I need level team members to make them look good, and it’s up to the team to do anything you may want. I have a site and dev forum set up also, and I plan to stay connected here, and build the player base and the server. Let me know any ideas and if anyone wants to get involved.

I’ll be happy to do a few levels for you, if you want to send me the levels to fix up. Just leave some info also, on how you want them to look.

Hey Chicken, sending over levels in a pm with more details. The main things I want to do are limit where the players can go to a clear path most of the time with hidden paths occasionally, and give the player a sense of lots of hidden things in plain sight, such as a crack in the wall, walk under tree tops, etc with multiple things on 1 level, and to generally make them look good/give direction for the player. Also to create “grapple hook only” and “jetpack only” cliffs/high areas such as these:

Also would like to have 2-3 level developers if anyone else is interested in helping out.

@Outlaw you should keep working on this.

As we’ve come to believe this is yours

Will do. I’ll update where I am with this after a week and a half or so. I should be able to get something live in a few weeks.

There are only a handful of things I need to do.