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yup, but you guys have full control over the gserver. i dont touch it.

[ATTACH=CONFIG]3852[/ATTACH] This was a 10 min mock up I can make more like this later lots of work this week…maybe an archer and some monsters

[ATTACH=CONFIG]3853[/ATTACH] Edit: now he’s a necromancer…

Looks really neat, except that skeleton’s rib cage is too packed giving him a really stiff look…

These are good

I think when I cropped him in the wrong place without showing the rest of the ribcage it really threw things off. Also I redid the ribs but since the spine still needs to be represented somehow now sure if its a huge improvement I redid the eyes as well to make him look more sinister.

In the first image: the one on the left is after edit and the one on the right is before. The second image is just a mockup of the edit.

Third image: recolor I think it looks better more bone colored than gray.


New sword gfx…