Terra, Aqua, Ventus

This is what happens to Terra, Aqua, and Ventus, the heros of Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep. It leads up to Sora’s story thirteen years later.

Don’t fucking watch it if you cry about spoilers.

remember when we were on MSN and i was making up storylines and you were like “but no that makes no sense because in kingdom hearts 2.4 chapter 13 the nemesis blah lbahblhalha” and i was like “trololol” and then you spoiled the ENTIRE FUCKING GAME FOR ME YOU ASSHOLE I WANTED TO PLAY THAT


I still don’t get it. Don’t have the right context.

Get what?

A boy with a loving heart, who fought the darkness to save his friends

A boy with a hungry heart, who fell into darkness but found the light

A girl with a peaceful heart, who guided her wandering friends home

A boy with a heart light as air, who fought the darkness that was once his own

A boy with a heart strong as earth, who took darkness into himself to save his friends

A girl with a heart deep as water, who tirelessly searches the shadows for her friends

Six hearts, dear, and beloved


Spooon is blocked until I beat Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep. Could take a few months. If anything, he should be happy that I can’t talk to him any more.

I thought you couldn’t block administrators?

Can’t block me, nucka.

Oh, MSN and AIM. You whore.