Test Accounts

We should create some test accounts that work on the game but not the forum so users can’t change password and add a server option allowtestaccounts think it would be a good idea to stop people needing to make multiple forum accounts to test things.

Probably only need testuser and testuser2, doubt there is anything you would need more than 3 clients online to test.

The guest account would work since multiple players can be on this account at the same time. The profile doesn’t save (atleast it shouldn’t). The guest username and password should be publically available though. I’ll see if I can dig it up and post it later.

Ah yeah, sounds good :slight_smile: Maybe post it in the GServer release notes + readme + top of server options to try and make sure server owners see it :stuck_out_tongue:

Username: guest
Password: 7Y3bdzjf

Why not guest:guest? o_o lol

Ask Stefan.

Works for me

We could actually do so that any password entered in the password field for the account “guest” would work.

Won’t anyone using this “guest” account be able to login to other staff only servers?

eh, only if you define guest as staff, which is a stupid idea…

Well how will we use the guest account on staff only servers?

I think you are saying the whole reason for test accounts is to test servers in development. Said servers are usually configured staff only during the development so this defeats the purpose of the guest account.

Well would we be able to get our own guest account for each IP or will that not work?

Possibility to restrict guest account usage by IP should be doable.