thanks for the birthday wishes assholes

fuck you guys

It’s just another day.

yeah it was, it was kind of shitty but some things made up for it

O, happy birthday.

No bad thoughts, I just very rarely look.

How old are you?

Sixteen now. Gonna do my drivers test this week.

happy birthday fgt

Happy womb emancipation day, you whippersnapper, you.

making your own thread is the cool thing to do. I do it all the time ;_;

Shit… you just made me feel old as fuck @ 23.

Still not old enough for /b/

ayy lmao

i got my drivers license today

now you can drive tenk

I logged in to thank this

Holy shit. I feel old now.

Things have changed so much over the past five years. I’m still shitlodting after all of this time though.
I don’t have much time left, I gotta figure out what I’m going to do for a job and where I want to live in a few years.

Just stay in college for as long as possible

That’s probably not going to be possible


that’s like the least effort I’ve ever seen in a happy birthday post
you put so little effort into it you probably actually had to take extra effort to make such little effort appear