Thanks Guys

here, here and there

its funny how between 2 circles the same size one covers the part of a hat and the other covers the legs, tummy and ticklish place.

Do you still wear the hat I made you? :o Looks like it, but more golden.

Nah, that’s just some scripted effect to make it appear more doll like.

I liked Riley’s hosting. If a single staff member was abusive Riley would shutdown the server until they were removed. I had so much fun getting servers shut down.

Lol, I give staff rights to practically all my friends and watch them abuse Tricx and Riley on a daily basis.
I thank my staff for abusing powers. :awesome:

Your server is so shitty, you don’t even turn it on because you can’t get proper hosting.

Actually I prefer to see shitty servers that aren’t online 24/7 over having nothing (dylan, what have you done anyway?)

What have I done? More than you faget #rekt

Yeah being an obvious jerk must make you feel important, it’s not the first time I see this and it usually gets more notoriety than stuff I do. I got to give you that.

Bring back your armagedon server, I liked solving the puzzles and stuff.

Haha but you solved them all!

The server had the major flaw of lacking direction and fullness… I originally wanted to make a chapter 0 to address that problem but I got problems developing the sea quest I intended to make. It was going to be based on the Uncharted Waters game with random encounters that mimicked an old abandonware Popcap game called Seven Seas (it’s not really a solid game but is interesting as a minigame idea, I could send you the installer I found if you want). Hosler then sent me a pm about an idea he had of a pointless randomly generated server and I liked the idea so much I wanted to take it further and make a full fledged randomly generated server. I wrote about it on playerworlds, it’s my current Graal project and I like it way better than Armonston, ideas were flowing back when I was working on it… I gotta get it through my mind that coding or not I spend a lot of time on my computer anyway…

Well… do or release something please, I like playing your servers.

No you don’t. Riley doesn’t come on GR anymore.

“I am grateful for the loving support Graal Reborn has given me.”
-I turn it on when I feel like it, it’s my server. I prefer developing offline. I am sorry if that bothers you.

Ignore dylan. He has been having pms issues.

Why post it on the forums if nobody can play it except for your iPhone guild friends?

Just read the title of the thread.
Without help from the community I would never have been able to do make something like this, shitty or not.
I’m going to keep working on it and try to host it 24/7 when I have the time or want a host. I have been offered several times but I don’t need it now.


Jokes on you guys! He doesn’t have any iPhone friends!