The case of Harmonia and some thoughts on Cadavre.

I want to apologize to Cadavre for making him out as a bad person, but I want there to be changes so that we can make something real big out of it. First I’ll show you guys the history of Harmonia and how it became infamous.

It started with the Graal Reborn Playerworld that was meant to be the “Main Server”, it had some content but it had no direction as I saw it.

Then, a super Graal oldbie called Nelm made his own playerworld called Harmonia, and it was very nice. Then Cadavre merged Nelm with GRPW. Nothing went anywhere after that, so one day I told Cadavre to give me the server and he did. Then I went to work.

I think I started by taking content from other people’s works, but I used them with their permission. I think Harmonia was mostly hated for that, but I think that’s very unfair. It’s a wrong analogy to make it out that it was like a quilt. Because I always planned to integrate it into the server somehow.

Do you remember that intro quest that everyone - even Cadavre - loved? It was all based on a bunch of levels that someone else made. I didn’t make the story background of a bunch of people being stuck in an underworld, someone else did. I just happened to like the concept so much that I wanted to make a whole story out of it, and so I did. I didn’t just “slap” on it like a quilt, I made it an introduction quest, and integrated it into the server by making it a story of people trying to get out of the underworld, and there being a conflict between them over that decision. I think the only thing that might seem out of place is the last part where people are going up the stairs and you suddenly end up in bed on the overworld, but I wanted to give a surreal aspect to it.

Then at one point Cadavre gave up and started insulting my server and said that I was destroying the concept of Harmonia, but I don’t recall him ever telling me the concept of it. I think I probably would have disagreed with it, because I was trying to create this huge encompassing storyline that no other server would have, and I thought that was a positive thing because no server could ever compete with that and we would gain an advantage. I don’t think we’d get a lot of attention for being simple, because there are so many other servers that are simple, and we wouldn’t have stood out.

Here is where Cadavre starts talking about Harmonia with Nelm on the official Graal forums.

Cadavre squatted the Harmonia name server, so I had to rename it, which became New Harmonia.

The rest I remember happened is after making a hiring thread Cadavre started talking about how it stole content from others, and started picking at the server by complaining about how I was increasing the size of the map which gave it a lot more space.

The reason I did that was because the map size was too small to me, and it was still a bit small after I increased the size, because I made it the exact size as the Graal Bomy Moon server, and I planned to add a lot more content there. Then he nitpicked other things about how a level link was broken, but that’s not very relevant much. I made another hiring thread to avoid anymore drama, and things were better and I was glad Cadavre acted better there and giving me more feedback on the intro quest - except for Downsider making fun of me because I wasn’t good at scripting quests.

However, I feel that New Harmonia didn’t succeed because 1. It was always viewed as the quilt server and was mocked for it, which I’ll address later. and 2. Graal Reborn didn’t have the right environment to encourage development and setting goals.

Now, I think that at times it was like a quilt, because I did derive completely unrelated content, but I was eventually going to integrate them all. However, I think you guys are really going against the philosophy of Graal, because we all know that it was all a group effort, and everyone contributed to something even if it was just a bunch of random stuff. And besides, better to have some content than no content, right?

Now regarding Cadavre’s attitude, I think he should handle the situations like he was the owner of a business. Instead of calling me an asshole and backstabber, he could try to ask questions about it and debate about what I said. I think the problem is he just acts like another forum member who’s snippy, but we need a kind of leader figure, and a sense of authority that encourages a positive attitude that encourages development. But it really depends on the interests of you all. Do you want a thriving playerworld that would make Graal Reborn active? Or did you just want Graal to be cracked to make your own servers with as a hobby.

I can’t go back and edit this all cause I have limited time well but I hope I get the message across.

Hey. I wasn’t around GR when this whole debacle happened. Although, I have gathered a few things from what you said and a search of old Harmonia threads:

“It’s a wrong analogy to make it out that it was like a quilt.”
“Now, I think that at times it was like a quilt”

Even if you meant to “sew” (integrate) it together that’s still a solid quilt analogy, right? You take various patches (other content) and sew (integrate) them together and thus quilt (player-world).

That being said this particular conflict is undesirably old and minor news. If you had a problem you probably should have addressed it then and there and not sat on it for… years.

I think what you are trying to address, as the bigger picture, is something we are trying to address at GR. A kinder, gentler, more developmental friendly place. Perhaps GR has always strove for that, but since I’ve been here we’ve really gone through something of a paradigm shift. We are still hurt for members, but I think we have made real progress into being more developmentally friendly environment. Could be it that I am too optimistic, but I believe it.

That being said, I welcome you to start developing again. Stop living in the past and start anew, eh? We’ve got enough people who are willing to give advice and help out if you show the initiative. One more person, one more project is a step in the right direction.

I’m going to close this thread. Not because I don’t respect what you are trying to say, but really this is a matter between you and Cadavre. Anyone who cared is either gone or just…doesn’t care. It’s not really worth discussing so far in the future in my opinion.

This ain’t a business, this is a hobby. Sure, okay, I might’ve acted immaturely before at times, I also grew up with this project (Me, Pac300 and Agret was only 15-16 when we founded it). Why I disliked your quilting was because of the mixed styles when the point was to go with classic style like the Harmonia Nelm made, and the massive overworld was too big for the lack of community we had. This is stuff for PM though, AIM me or something and I’ll explain myself.