The connection couldn't be established.

I recently found this place and I haven’t been able to actually play and log in. I keep getting connection couldn’t be established. I am pretty sure I changed my password on the site for the game client and I am not using my email. Is this game down or gone and I just didn’t notice the topics or am I simply doing something wrong? Thanks a lot for whoever can help me.

No, it’s not dead. Well, technically it’s not, but the reason this error is happening is because it also technically is. The listserver is down and [USER=“541”]hosler[/USER] just needs to do whatever he normally does to get it back up and running. It’s nothing major, it’s just nobody complained about it until now because the game really is pretty much dead.

Oh well thanks for the answer! A shame to hear about the dead but if it gets fixed I would love to check it out.

Ever gonna get this fixed? Would love to mess around with a few ideas.

It’s been up since then but I noticed it was down a couple days ago and blamed my Internet.

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i just forgot to turn it back on. list server is back up. yall can connect your gservers again.