The dumbest Graal thing I've ever seen.

Normally I would not even post about Stephane to give him free advertising, but this is so ridiculous that if anyone buys it he earned the money…

“Each player can create his or her unique collection, from €16.99.”

So roughly $25 USD for a ridiculous foam figurine that costs 10 cents to make.

The about Eurocenter games part at the bottom is particularly hilariously fabricated.

About Eurocenter Games:
Founded in 1988 by Stephane Portha, Eurocenter Games is one of the pioneers in the online games universe with the launch in 1990 of a multiplayer game on Minitel and series of MMO around GraalOnline. Since 1997, this brand has gathered more than six million players. In 2007, the company was the first to offer innovative and multiplayer content on the Appstore, like Adrenaline Pool, Ace Tennis Online and Cocoto Kart Online. This success enabled the company to sell two million games and to become one of the top 15 game publishers with the release of a dozen games such as Adrenaline Golf HD Online and the adaptation of GraalOnline Classic and GraalOnline Era. The technological know-how and the company’s team experience in the creative world have enabled Eurocenter Games to reach the top 200 of mobile games publishers. Website:

gotta milk your cash cow right

To be honest… graal is the first MMORPG I’ve ever heard of. Which is already something.

After reading wiki… I see some preceded graal and that the term was even coined a little before graal started. But it’s been one of a kind in the genre for pretty long.

now I know what im getting people for Christmas next year.

They’d make a lot more money if they just sold Urza’s wemin collections…

I should build a 3d printer and make my money back selling Spooon many statues in his likenesses. Maybe $60 for the Spooon, Zombie Spooon, Girly Spooon, Dominatrix Spooon, and Comrade Spooon collection? (I could even split the profits with Riley if he drew up a couple dozen more Spooon variants for us to sell to Spooon.)

Stephane has them rigged to blow up. Pay up to $70 to watch your room catch fire kids!

Anyone remembers scorched earth?
The awesome early 90s game involving tanks that shot each other?
Well it seems on their website they’re ripping of the concept, making it 3d and with a similar name: Scorched 3d.
I wouldn’t even have said anything if the name was at least different X_X

those look like shit

…a million players…?

Every company on internet inflates their userbase numbers… it’s pretty obvious most of the time.
I think it’s based on the presumption that everything on the internet has to be extremely popular or it’s crap.

When we come to think about it… the internet has about 6-7 million daily users (with an apparent activity) and max 20 million weekly users (again, who’s activity is apparent). Casual users fall around a hundred million I guess, can’t be sure about that one. I’ve seen an underground groupware software developper claim they had like 2 million users… with a website advertising a product that had no screenshots.

Internet is a bubble or, at least, it’s treated like it.

You’re absolutely right. The internet has only 7 million daily users.

Ok maybe not… but from experience things get rarely more than 7 million unique hits over the span of a couple days, more (around 20) over multiple weeks and etc…
What I’m saying is that, those are the heights of popularity in internet terms.

If your thing doesn’t easily come by upon a visit on the internet, it’s obvious that you’re inflating when you say your userbase is in the millions.
Million of users: it’s bound to be known.

The way I see it, those who are really involved in internet surfing and hyping over stuff are around 7 millions. From one subject to another the people probably change; but that’s the average when it comes to what’s popular on the internet.

As an example, I can come up with twitchplayspokemon. They got 31,436,845 views right now (over the span of 2 weeks)… probably not even unique hits… and it’s a HUGE thing on the internet right now.

In short: 7 million: about everyone who’s actively interested knows about it.

7 million is the quantity of people I consider are investing themselves in getting informed/involved on the most popular subjects.

20 million is the quantity I consider will think about creating an account on whatever (social medias an exception, more or less separated by subject but proportionate to how much it’s talked about outside of internet)… let’s dilute this to 50 million. That still means a million users is 1 in 50 persons who knows about it… if it is so and a place to talk about it exists, it will be heard of and spoken about.

Because Twitch Plays Pokemon is a worldwide event that covers all demographics.

Yup, and that was to say: when you count a little, internet is far from having the impossibly high userbase most people think it has.

It IS high, but since it’s in terms of millions most people thinks it’s infinite and that absolutely everyone is on there; which is a false assumption. More people go outside than internet users think :wink:

Going outside and using the internet are not mutually exclusive

Nobody thinks that.

That was a figure of speech…

I don’t know the exact numbers (I think I’m pretty close though); but anyway, my point is that if you want to sound popular on the internet, even if you are, you gotta inflate your user numbers… unless you’re part of the big ones.

Therefore, it’s probably common practice… but I’m not behind everyone who puts a number on their userbase.

Thanks for the bad rep, it’s like hearing my point is too frustrating to admit. Which I thought was probably the case in the first place.

I went outside and saw nobody. I guess my block has no daily active users.

I neg rep’d for the sole purpose of seeing if I could drop you back to one bar.

Can I have a foam version of spooon