The EPIC of Graal! development discussion.

This is the development thread for “The EPIC of Graal!”
post any hints, tips, or help offers here

more information

anything will be of help, even a single yet helpful script

Hmmmmm. Need some boots/clickwarp? I can set you up with those xP Maybe a basic mining system lol.

that would be great, thank you :smiley:


Yay i beat spooon :3

Here are my boots xP

if(!isweapon)toweapons Staff/Staff Boots;
if(weaponfired) {
this.on = (this.on+1)%2;
if(this.on == 1) setplayerprop #c, Boots: On;
if(this.on == 0) setplayerprop #c, Boots: Off;
timeout =0.05;

if(timeout && this.on==1){
if(keydown(0) || keydown(1) || keydown(2)|| keydown(3)){
playerx+= vecx(playerdir);
playery+= vecy(playerdir);

Here is my click warp:

if(playerenters)toweapons Staff/Click Warp; if(weaponfired)this.on = (this.on +1)%2; if(mousedown && this.on == 1){ if(strequals(#p(0),left)){ playerx=mousex; playery=mousey; } }

And, in case you need it, super simple warp ring script xP

if (playerenters){
  toweapons Warp Ring;
if (weaponfired){
  setlevel2 onlinestartlocal.nw,30,30;

Change onlinestartlocal.nw to any level you want the player to warp to, and change the 30,30 to the x,y of where you want that player to be warped to in the level.

This level will take the player to the center of onlinestartlocal.nw :slight_smile:

Good luck!

What’s a Lobster?

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