The future of the internet.

Is censorship and domain seizure by corrupt people and organizations without due process. You can expect the kind of censorship that has been going on in Europe, Australia and Asia to now spread to the United States and all other countries connected to the internet. As evidenced by the images below all a criminal scumbag like Stephane need do is send a bribe to the proper corrupt unelected kleptocrat such as Christophe Courtalon or Fait a Lille and bam! any website and even top level domain or even ip assignments are seized and shut down. completely without trial, legitimacy or due process of any kind. I saw this coming since decades ago. It’s been nice knowing you all. I suspect this website, and many other places will soon be facing the memory hole.

Might just need to take a trip to grand barie

In case you didn’t know what I am referring to is the “international” internet takeover .

As imperfect as th U.S. authorities are they are nothing compared to the extreme European and Chinese censorship that will now be coming down hard as evidenced by the pictures I posted. This is not conspiracy or speculation, whole domains are seized based solely on corrupt people bribing other corrupt people. In France, Germany, Sweden and everywhere in the EU websites are getting deleted, shut down and censored and it’s owners/posters are being arrested for thoughtcrime “literally criticizing migrants or terrorists will get you disappeared”. such is what is coming to us all

Ill host you. For free

Thanks for the offer, but hosting isn’t the issue. Generally the guy I work with “NekoRoy” has been pretty good with dealing with things and the host he uses has been very good with ignoring the false DMCA claims and takedown demands. The big issue is with this so called “international body” taking over ICANN’s stuff. The pictures i posted involve the illegal domain seizures of and at the behest/bribe of Stephane and by the same people/organization that will now be seizing domains everywhere. nobody is safe with this… it could be someone’s blogspot page that criticizes angela merkel’s or obama’s pro terrorist refugee flood policy or anything else that gets shut down, the drudge report, richard stallman’s free software foundation, wikileaks, this site “” any website that involves an ip address or domain “pretty much everything everywhere” . The scope/scale of this and the ramifications are being overlooked by most people except for a few smarter tech guys and activists… “also as i post this the whole of is down, at least on my end…”

here’s another link i dredged up from startpage…gress-must-act

It won’t matter much who hosts who if it is those that assign the domain names and ip addresses that does the censoring.

FROM…UNPAN94956.pdf “We consider it necessary to consecutively increase the role of governments in the Internet governance, with strengthening the activity of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) in this field, as well as with support of the UNESCO activity in the development of ethical aspects of Internet use…

So with this we will now have corrupt and unethical entities like the one that stole and from Mark Karpeles at the behest of criminal Stephane Portha and whom censors and imprisons people for their speech decide “ethical aspects” and shut down anything that they determine isn’t…

As usual Jews control all forms of media kek
It’s funny how butthurt they get when we criticize their puppets that head our governments

Wait… so France can shut down a website? Like a whole website that cannot be visited again ever by anyone on the planet?

Btw, shall I translate the french document?

yes please


First, that was 11 years ago.

And there goes:

Page 2

From what I gather some guy used a VPN to hack into EUROCENTER’s servers and got into trouble. Nothing really out of the ordinary.

Stephane being “hacked” or pretending to be “hacked” as an excuse is nothing out of the ordinary. Except in this case it is not so. Once upon a time Mark Karpeles “MagicalTux” worked for Stephane Portha “Unixmad” at GraalOnline/Eurocenter and entrusted Stephane to host elements of his ragnorok fan servers, irc and some other private stuff of which Stephane has no legal rights to. and were private property entirely in the ownership of Mark Karpeles. Stephane then shut down hosting to Mark’s stuff which upset hundreds of users so Mark used a backup of his own property and uploaded it to a new server then pointed his domains to that. Then Stephane started to go nuts and make false police reports and all sorts of lies and nonsense. Here’s an image showing him running some of the nezumi fRo Ragnarok stuff

I have posted about this before a lot. You can see for yourself at*/ here’s some examples…tre-eurocenter…-un-terroriste “i recommend reading the 2007 and 2008 pages foremost” and use ctrl f and search for eurocenter stephane and nezumi to find the related posts and more french low res document stuff is at

I used this as an example to prove a point on how corrupt, dishonest and lawless France, The EU and all the so called lets pretend courts and tribunals are and how easy it is for dishonest scum like Stephane to just bribe someone and take away domains, and now it’s on an international scale and can happen to any tld domain and anyone at any time.

Not originally, their purvue was once limited to areas covered under RIPE, AFNIC and such things like .fr domains and only to citizens unfortunate enough to be in their jurisdiction. Now these kangaroo courts can do this to anyone internationally. These scumbags in not so many words pretty much openly admit and say they are going to censor people “hilariously it seems that the site is currently hacked :D”

Internet governance is the development and application by governments, the private sector and civil society, in their respective roles, of shared principles, norms, rules, decision-making procedures, and programmes that shape the evolution and use of the Internet.…tion-completed

Welcome to the new dystopian hell that will combine all the worst anti freedom and anti privacy aspects of 1984, Animal Farm and Brave New World.

“a funny sidenote is that the people that robbed kim kardashian weren’t just pretending to be police officers as many reports state…ed-two-8977948 , but in fact ARE corrupt french police officers, french police, government officials and judges running around, taking bribes, robbing people and being all around corrupt is well known inside france but heavily censored by the state and media”

I wouldn’t be surprised since france is a giant zoo and the police hate their jobs having to deal with muslims all the time

In this context it’s “taken to court if difficulty ensues”, bullshit line they put at the end of every similar legal document to act as if their is some judicial process in taking down websites when, in fact, the matter will be settled in favor of the plaintiff without ever reaching a courtroom.

Very interesting. Censorship is coming my friends… It’s been in the works for a while now… Search TPP bill and censorship. The laws were passed. They do not want any more Julian Assanges’