The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

I got very nostalgic 3-4 days ago and picked the game back up. It’s actually way easier than I remember. O.o What were the worst/best times you had with that game? I like trying to die as little as possible (Fairies don’t count.) Two so far, only when I get really distracted and forget that I ran out of Fairies did I ever die. (Misery Mire and The Skull Woods I think.)

I personally remember dicking around in the in the forest of the darkworld trying to figure out how to gain entrance to the dungeon there. I remember it took me hours of inappropriate language before I finally tried hitting the stupid scorpion looking statue with the firerod and was like OHHH-shit! I think I was 12 or 13 lol

Yeah. The little Faggots still stump me on the Grave Stone. It’s surrounded by black rocks. I know it’s to get the cape. I’ve gotten it before. (Don’t tell me. I could just Gamefaqs it if I wanted the answer.)

I just fucking hate the final pendant tower and the final tower at the end those two were fucking boring I I remember I stopped playing at the final tower

Wasting my time to find all of the heart pieces. Such a pain in the fucking ass.

O.o those towers were as easy as fucking giving candy to a child.

I hated em. I kept falling down the fuxking floor traps

Okay, so last night I beat it. Total Lives used: 2

It would’ve been zero if I didn’t get distracted. D:

Lol I died a lot cuz I’m not serious about it. I didn’t die once on Minish Cap or Oracle of Ages

Edit: also I beat phantom hourglass, windwaker and spirit tracks without dying also. I’m such a nerd

nah bro you suck


I love you too

Phantom Hourglass, Windwaker, and Spirit Tracks are all known to be the easiest Zelda’s to date.

Wind Waker waaaaas easy. I had the most fun on it though, and that’s what counts.

I played on that my homebrewed wii. But I think the graphics on my emulator was broken so I ended up not being able to use the mirror where u see hidden objects with ._. I still beat it in the Ed

Starting over again, I will screencap with 0 Deaths.

Noob question: what’s screencap?

I love this game, but it’s gotten to the point where I can beat it in like 6 hours. Little to no deaths and all heart pieces. The game as a whole is really charming; the music, graphics, gathering the heart pieces are all really charming.

I also really liked Majoras Mask ( i just played through in January). It’s really tedious to get all the masks. It takes a strong person.

All of the masks look like Star Fox 64 characters.

Fixed for reality check.
No really. There are like 16. I kinda find it annoying trying to remember which one(s) I forgot and which one I did get.