The Return of Sublime

I am back after a couple of years I’ll be posting graphics around here hopefully there are still some people interested in making servers


Welcome back, at the moment, what developers are left are focusing on creating a new server client package so I doubt any servers are going to be put together any time soon.
Still, feel free to share your work as you make more, I quite liked it from what I remember :slight_smile:

Thanks its been a crazy ride I was basically promoted to a store manager and have 2 kids now so fixing my laptop and making content for graal weren’t really high priorities but found some time to work on some stuff offline I’m pretty proud of the work I did on a new body its still WIP though got walking sitting push and pull sprites so far- all will be posted in time

Excellent life progress

Welcome back.

Congratulations and welcome back! :smiley:

Welcome back bud. We can always use people coming back or getting interested again. I can definitely understand the real life and busyness stuff. Personally on my list of priorities and activities graal is at the bottom of that list. A good graal community and classic style gaming would be nice, but there are other things in life too.

Glad to see you back. The community has been pretty lonely as of late, try to bring some friends! In case you want to see some of my recent work