The Server Erean needs help

Hi Guys like the tilte says our Server Erean needs help we are 4 people working alone on the Server (my brother,2friends and me) We need help at making Items a radio And Password for houses if some one can help joint our
Hamachi Network : Erean
Hamachi Password: 1

Hope you can help


Can anyone even connect to hamachi? No? Okay, unless everyone gets ‘connected’ to use hamachi than anyone outside of your host can’t connect too you. I thought I’d tell you this. Otherwise you need to host the server yourself. Still don’t understand? Someone will come by and tell you and explain better.

coughs What you are asking for are what we call ‘NATs’.

EDIT: An old member before he left, used to use hamachi, unless you add (something along those lines) everyone to connect through that host (I think its on the lines if they use the same network) than no one else isn’t going to be able to connect to it. So sorry if I was rude.

  1. Yes u can connect too Hamachi
  2. After u connectet too hamachi u can join Erean on serverlist
  3. Can u help?

You ramble on like a drunken hobo. I didn’t get any good information out of that AT ALL.


Don’t use Hamachi.
Reason: Only people who use hamachi will be able to connect, which is retarded. I wouldn’t install hamachi just to connect to your server.

Forward ports on your router instead!

Cadaver i have got
Internet -> DSL-Router -> Computer

*Common Issues: Unable to Portforward, Unable to host. (You’re boned.)

You will not get much luck from a DSL-Router/Modem w/ built-in Router.
It is the worst thing to host on and it causes all forms of trouble.
If you do not have a spare ‘normal’ router laying around, you will not be able to host in your current state.

The reason? These things cannot port forward dispite what all the firmware and settings claim.
Either get a normal Modem, a Router, or a Hamachi Server. (Hamachi is not my area of interest, sorry.)

Internet -> DSL-Router -> Router -> Computer

I have Internet -> DSL-Router -> Linux-routing-system -> Computer
But when I were directly connected to the dsl-router I was able to portforward. You could atleast try even though DSL-Routers are really retarded. ;(

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You should know me by now, I’ve always been like this. Besides as I’ve said before its been ages that I last heard of hamachi and its problems for hosting crap. >_>