This is a hello

Because I didn’t get a chance to say goodbye!
Some shit went down, I had to move in a hurry.
I live in Cali now.

Sorry 'bout that.

Did the Albamanians find out you were a gay furry and try to lynch you?

OH WOW. Kewl move! Glad to hear from you!

gllty of bank robbery? That’s my first guess.

Glad to hear from ya. Hope you’re doing well bro!


Oh. I stole all of your awards, too.

Glad to hear all is well now. Best of luck to you in your new locale!

Why would you leave the south?


Our website rocks.

Urza, all those are good things

My mom tried to ruin my life!

what’s new about that? D: talk at me on skype sometime <3

I’m more settled down these days.

:open_mouth: Hi!

Please start posting again

play runescape with me

After the evolution of combat, shit’s gone from crap to worse. So… nononononononononononono