This is what I got up to.

That’s as far as I got with the Mega Man server.

Recorded it today.


Maybe I’ll start working on it again, eventually =O

Haven’t touched it in months, though, grumble

Usually when I don’t pick something up for months, I feel the obligation to rewrite it all from scratch z-z

i know the feeling

It’s so beautiful :o

But why did you fall into grey land :[[

Because ladders are unfinished, hence why he screams out “LADDER MODE” instead of climbing the ladder.

Good Job.

You just need Capcom to sponsor you now.

Couldn’t find the font so I just rearranged the letters. Only word I could come up with.

Korinna Bold, mate

hahaha, it is a pretty cool project tho

woa it is very cool. too bad you aren’t finishing it. :frowning: