Thoughts on guilds

As I build the guild system, I’m wondering what you guys would like.My thoughts so far are, since the GR population is so low, I’ll cap guild sizes to 5. This being for the reasons of ensuring one guild doesn’t totally dominate, but also it allows to me to do some neat things while working inside the script constraints.

What do you guys think?

I honestly don’t foresee the problem of one guild being too big, but rather too many small guilds. I don’t think there should be a cap limit, a guild should be able to decide when they don’t want to add any more people.

I think a cap is a bad idea and will only serve to discourage new guilds and more players. When there are so few people a max limit of 5 is unnecessary and pointless. If there is a guild that becomes really large it will just be a cohesive unit that attracts more players. When there are enough players then competition and multiple guilds will come naturally. On another guild note myself and a few other former Baddies members were thinking it would be cool idea to bring the Baddies to Graal Reborn as a guild and it might gain some traction especially since Graal Classic closed and if we could get Clops on board.

Spooon (Spooon)

Narcissist (Narcissist)

I liked the limited guild idea… without which I can imagine everyone being in the same guild, that’d be so stupid heh.

do ot

On GR, cap it. Else you may run the possibility of one guild dominating due to the low population. If you were to host this elsewhere that had a larger population, you would probably raise the guild size cap and add a total guild cap to keep things under control.

My guild is best guild.

We need 2 global guilds to get some rivalry going

Why isn’t Spooon a global guild?

Eventually on phoenix, kingdoms will be implemented where wars between them will be encouraged.

Haven Guard?

Off-topic but who is actually hosting Dreamscape now?


I 'unno.

Fair enough! It’s just that I don’t have any admin power on it, which I would very much like.

Anyway, looking forward to seeing how tricxta’s guild script works out. We want to see prototypes!