Thoughts on the up and coming delteria release

After seeing this thread:

and knowing who and were veri applez came from,I don’t have all that much faith in delteria delivering the quality I once expected.

What about you guys? :0

Yeah. He’s just out-sourcing his gani work to any sucker who is dumb enough to do his job for him.

I’ve seen it, It’s pretty nice. Better than any of the other iPhone servers anyway.

It should be interesting to see how it compares to the old version I have zero faith or expectations for anything put on GraalOnline. I’d sooner pay $100 to dig through the garbage can in a gas station bathroom than waste my time with the pedophile GraalOnline staff and the Euroscammers.

I still have access to RC on Delteria. No rights to do anything, but I still have it.

Delteria looks nice, nice tileset, I’ve had a try at it, submitting some levels to be part of the LAT team. Their gfx and Latting sure are of quality.
I don’t know for the rest… how can anyone know anyways.

As for other servers, I had a go at the new Classic until I got stuck because of a bug… it sure was nice.

If Delteria’s quests and storyline are anything better than Classic… and it should… it will sure be a good server. As for its staff… I wouldn’t be surprised to hear they’re not people you can rely on. Hell… they’re paying Stephane so he can have more content, how bright is that.

Wow after reading some of that forum… brrrr. I’m sure glad I’m in a state where I can notice how stupid these people are.

Scratch that, I was reading an old thread… it’s surprising how dead GO is nowadays.

I shall say that it’ll be so far on my personal opinion a nice server with great content,i was staff there once and,i’d say it’s a great server,that soon will pop up.

they have gunderak coding…