Thursday Starting A server

Can someone tell me how to set it up again on the list-server? What ports should I forward? It’s not going to be a fully released server, nope. It’s a start from scratch server; I’ll be posting things that I’ll need to get started. That way, I don’t have to use a stupid offline editor. A way to change levels in the actual client would be nice, that would save to the server.

This will be a side project, so the server will not always be up. I’m going to use it to get better at leveling, etc. So anyone who wants to add there own content - that isn’t stolen or copy of another server - they can join in if they want.

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thanks for clearing that up for me, im one for no punctuation i just type what I want to say and left it at that

No worries! :slight_smile:

The gserver2 ZIP file has a README in it.

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