Tiger & Bunny

Tiger & Bunny is a new anime series by Sunrise. It is the touching tale of a single father and his daughter as they grow up and explore life together.

The suave man on the right is named Kotetsu. He is the star of this show. He is pretty awesome all the time. Who says anime can’t feature adult characters? Hogwash I say. Here is Kotetsu being a boss and shaving his beard.

The cute little girl on the right is Kaede. She is Kotetsu’s daughter. She really enjoys figure skating and likes to wonder when her dad will finally come home to see her.

Tiger & Bunny is a very heartwarming story. It is extremely popular right now amongst men and women of all age groups. In my opinion, it is because of the character dynamics between Kotetsu and Kaede. They really do love each other:

Which makes it all the more heartbreaking:

You see, to support his daughter, Kotetsu has to work a lot and isn’t home much. Kaede is often disappointed when Kotetsu can’t keep his promises, like watching her compete in figure skating. Kotetsu has a very demanding job as a male stripper:

It really explores what a man must do to provide for his daughter and how to find the balance between work and your family. It is an A+++ show, will watch again. I hope all of you watch too.

Damn, another Anime to add to my fucking list.
Also, how long do you think this thread will last before Spooon comes in and closes it? Hahahaha. :stuck_out_tongue:

hes not a model… hes a hero.

Heh, male stripper.

male stripper

My favorite part about all of it though is the quality in the art. Truly amazing.

i actually just saw a thing for this when i was looking for the rest of fullmetal alchemist brotherhood on hulu this morning . can’t be any worse then that new one “Durarara” they started showing on adult swim , I’ve only seen the first episode so far but it may get better .

Ugh, why is anime always laced with retarded sexual themes, like making this guy a male stripper? I probably would’ve watched it if it weren’t for that, because this sounded good and the art looked impressive. The fact that he’s a male stripper makes it extremely difficult for me to take this seriously.

That’s actually the one reason that is truly keeping me from putting this on my to watch list.
It’s not the fact that I don’t like heartfelt stories, I like them. I just don’t want that ruining the plot for me.

Looks like a loli story to me. Last episode the guy gets murdered and the little girl raped.

I fucking hate anime.

Stop trying to derail my post with your FUD, Spooon. :\ That is pure lies and you know it.

Tiger & Bunny isn’t even about the guy and his daughter. It’s about superheroes and robots.


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[/COLOR]Robots and superheroes. How touching.

This just in: Spooon watches anime.

O___o Nope. I looked it up. Need to know about it to make fun of it.

A heart felt story about people with super powers competing to be the best superhero. If you like all the other animes about robots fighting I’m sure you’d like this.

I shit you not Spooon loves lolicon. I, on the other hand, had to look up what lolicon was when Beholder told me this little tidbit.

lolicon is gross

Beholder says I like lolicon. It must be true. >__>

you were in that chatroom iirc

Because we wanted to see you look it up.