TIL to always put this. on variables

Because if you don’t the “variables” function the same as level.strings.

Couldn’t figure out what was wrong with two NPCs until I deleted one of them and the other started working properly. I was using a and b as x2 and y2 for distance and moving around. To see what was going on I put a showpoly on both NPCs and every other timeout they’d draw lines to the other NPCs values rather than it’s own.

Unless this is exclusive to GS2, you should only have to put “this.” on the first variable, then all subsequent ones (with the same name, of course) will be automatically “this”.

I had to look up “TIL” on urbandictionary.com.

TIL that level strings exist

Graal is fucking weird lmao

We actually use level. strings on Xialza for playerkilling, day/night disabling, and even rain and clear skies lol. They’re pretty damn useful so that you don’t have to define an array where it doesn’t operate in so and so levels, but rather just make it as you go.