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I know this has been suggested before but one thing that would in my opinion make it easier for developers to develop shit is if we had updated tools to do so.
G.O. has been using the same outdated shit for more than 2 decades and they are charging people money to rent a server then again to buy an account and when you factor in time is money you pay them even more to develop content that they turn around and open a cash shop with. I know everyone here is busy with developing a new client and I respect that all I’m asking is consideration of better features. Why is it the end 2014 and we still don’t have layer support in our editor? Just like that movie If you build it they will come… and make cool shit // end rant

In case you haven’t heard Stefan has long since left G.O. or rather was kicked off by unixmad since a few months ago. There are no real devs left there. Basically it’s just unixmad beating a dead horse to death to get every last penny out of the iphone micro-transaction crowd before it all breaks. Unixmad can’t make or do anything without Stefan, and even then Stefan’s coding abilities were questionable at best. If something is made now it’s made by a player or 3rd party. The jist of it all is if we want new tools someone else will have to make it. Graal is dying if not already dead and what “officially” remains of it is just another iphone cash cow tumor that stagnates.

I’d disagree seeing as you have developers such as dusty and fowlplay which are really giving value to the iClassic content. As long as they’re around I think you’ll see classic’s playercount continue to rise.

iPhone servers aren’t early as bad as they used to be. I’d even call them playable. However, mobile games aren’t for me SO FUCK 'EM ALL! THEY SUCK!

fowlplay is an immature angry little kid that arbitrarily bans people from graalians for saying things he/she/it does not like. I’ve heard that he and most of the other official G.O. staff steals other peoples NPCs and graphics labeling them as their own. Basically it’s the same stolen content from the past decade stealing back and foreth between servers, changing the graphic a bit and calling it original. Here’s an example http://www.graalians.com/forums/showthread.php?p=528787#post528787

In any case these are level, npc and maybe small graphics making people. They are not real coders or professional developers that can make any programs or real code. I doubt they could even put up a hello world visual basic program following a visual basic for dummies instructions.

Stefan is the only real programmer G.O. ever had unless you go all the way back to Fuitad and Galen in 1999 or count MagicalTux’s php and web dev work in 2002-2004.

My point still applies. Even Furcadia is outpacing G.O. in graphics, tools and scripting capabilities now and that game had previously been stagnate since 1998.

G.O. may linger as a cash cow for a few or even several more years exploiting dumb kids that make graphics, npcs and servers for them, but without another Stefan G.O. is even more dead in the water than Tales of Pirates.

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No worries, I’m dropping the ball on them. I’ll report back with some screencaps of the shenanigans once I get to work.

I would like to note that we do have the beginning of a tile editor code at:

Not using Windows but Linux, it’s a bit hard for me to compile … or I might be just too dumb, as it use .sln file of Visual Studio.

I think it was built with mono develop/azura or whatever it’s called now.

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I’ve heard about alot of people stealing graphics/using without permission, but stealing code? Is there any proof you can produce to back up this claim?

Can we please not turn this into a graalians thread?

What would make this turn into a ‘graalians’ thread? Goatse is always posting links to his conspiracy theories, why not this time?

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