Tileset default set under the serveroptions text

Would it be possible to set the Gserver to where it could set the tilesets via Serveroptions, so you don’t have to go in a script and add it yourself since I get really lazy about doing this? oO

Also, another thing that probally would be pretty cool would have a lists on which levels the tileset appears on.

So more or less when you login you would download the tileset required in that level. xd Lazy idea but hey :stuck_out_tongue:

tiles1 = “this.png”
tiles2 = “this2.png”
tiles3 = “this3.png”
tiles1list = “level.nw,level.nw,level.nw,level.nw,level.nw,level.nw,”
tiles2list = “level.nw,level.nw,level.nw,level.nw,level.nw,level.nw,”
tiles3list = “level.nw,level.nw,level.nw,level.nw,level.nw,level.nw,”

That would be neat. :open_mouth:

Personally I’d just say “Just contain it all in one-system NPC”
But hey, we’ve had weirder GServer mods for people.


I wouldn’t ever have to make a system-NPC to set Tilesets if we had this x]

Either would others lol, so it would always be able to be updated really fast :DD

It won’t happen. Tileset changes are all clientside. It would require the server to generate a special weapon to send to the client. There are so many ways things could break with that idea.

What we could do, though, is include a bunch of helpful weapons with the gserver that accomplish things like this.

Get to it, fellas.

That would help lolol :stuck_out_tongue: I would enjoy that tons x]!