Tileset - More Info Inside

I won’t be asking for alot like i did last time.
Just for the major stuff.
Can anyone make a tileset like final fantasy 4
and i need something else with it an inside town and castle tileset of any better rpg you think is better than final fantasy im only using final fantasy outside because i think it would be much use.

Only two things im asking for a long while.
I’ve searched forums couldn’t find anything not even the final fantasy in dvd had a costume tileset.

Hmm. You’ve got it backwards. You are supposed to do the major stuff since, you know, whatever you’re building is supposed to be the fruition of your creative mind and hard-work not someone elses.

Also, you probably don’t realize, but one doesn’t just make a tileset. It’s a really very arduous task even for a good graphics artist. You should pay someone to do something like that!

It’s a project that could take months and months of hard work or a lot of cocaine, and you know what happened the last time we gave graalians cocaine.

Rather than asking FOR things, ask for help with how you can make it yourself. It’s a very rewarding task to do for yourself.