[TILESET] Pics1-style tilesets

Now, before I request anything, I just want to point out I have the artistic ability of someone with no hands or eyes, so I’m throwing this out to people who are pretty handy with pixels.

I’m looking for some tile-sets to cover some of Pics1’s weaknesses, but maintain the same style (classic Graal). All of the below must in a Pics1-style.

Most notably:
Extended Lava tileset - The current lava tileset in Pics1 is ‘suitable’. But more options are always better.

Extended Snow tileset - Again, the same as the lava tileset. More options = better.

Wasteland tileset - Pics1 just doesn’t have enough for me to make something aesthetically pleasing. I basically have 4 tiles of brown and a hill.

Post-apocalyptic sci-fi tileset - Good luck with this one. Imagine half-buried underground ruins of an advanced civilization. Now, imagine it in Graal.

‘Sky’ tileset - This tileset should have cliff edges that drop off into a sky. This is a relatively simple one, since I can utilize most of Pics1 except for the edges. The cliffs into water just don’t look good enough if I play with individual tiles.

If you guys could point me to a resource, that would be great. I’m not expecting anyone to work on this in their spare time.
If, however, you do want to do this in your spare time, you’ll likely need more details. Please let me know and I’ll give you an overview of where/how they’ll be used, what sort of clutter I’d need, etc.

I’d highly recommend scrolling through https://opengameart.org/content/2d-rpg-tiles. They usually have some interesting resources there, and it’s just a matter of copy pasting them.

can someone explain to me what the heck these two things are
I’ve seen them in the tileset for years and can’t figure out what they’re supposed to be

That set is still pretty limited. Thanks though!

A grave and something that should have been the lava equivalent of the tree given how the tiles on the sides (don’t) block. Tiles at the bottom don’t block and I’ve always assumed it was an error.

At least that’s what I’ve always assumed they were.

Lava trees. Don’t ask why.

Some men just want to watch the world burn.

I always thought they were poorly made rocks or a really fancy seat or something

And the smaller spike thing is a small tree.

fuckin’ lava trees. I never would’ve guessed. I might try just putting the red trees in the lava tileset and see how it looks.

Honestly, just using the dead tree image as an NPC might be better for any lava based areas.