Timemutt's Classic(GtA) Guide

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Main quests:


Bruges Bird
Zorbi Ring

1 - House Key - Take a barrel out of the west pier of Babord (you have to have completed the quest to defeat the wall of the mine). At then end of the ride, enter the cave and use the conch shell. Cross the new path and exit out the south. Welcome to Avalon! Go east and south a bit and speak to Chrono Darkblade. Then go north and enter Ragnarok's House. Go all the way back and get the note from Ragnarock. Next, take the note to Krakken, who is next to the strange blue building in southern Avalon. Next, go talk to the foreman who is reading blueprints on a cliff over a well. He will give you access to Kraken's Summer House and a promise to remove the offending stones!

2 - Red Key - Go all the way northwest until you get to Kraken's Summer House. There will be a man standing at the window. You'll now be able to enter, do so and go up the stairs. Blow up the cracked wall to the right and you will find the Red Key!

3 - Gold Key - Leave the house. From outside, go west and you will see a golden tree. Lay a bomb in front of it then enter when it blows up. Follow the passage and you'll find yourself in Krakken's Garden. Drag all of the statues onto their places in a circle near the top of the garden. It doesn't matter which spot. One of the statues is all by its self on the left side. Ofter all the statues have been placed, grab the key that appears between the statues. You are now the proud owner of a Gold Key!

4 - Blue Key - Still in the garden, blow up the stones in the upper right part of the garden with a bomb, then slash the switch, and unlock the now-open waterfall with the gold key. Here you must pass many traps and enemies, which are very simple but can be very tricky; just be persistent! Once you reach a certain point, you will find a giant crab. The crab is easily killed by throwing bombs at it right before it charges at you (you have to stay below the crab to make it come out of its shell). Once the crab goes into its shell for the last time, touch it to receive the crab bait and get warped to a new area with the Blue Key! Make sure you pick it up.

5 - Hera Break - Now that you have the bait, you can catch the shy fish in Kraken's Garden. Return to the garden and go up to the small pond on the right side. Use any level fishing rod and fish right behind the rock in the pool. Afterwards, take the fish and all of the keys to Krakken's Assistant and he will reward you with a hera!

5 - Bruges Bird - Now re-enter Kraken's Cave and this time take the south road at the fork. Enter the small door and follow the new path to the north. Go to the room on the right, follow the path winding around, and get the key. Return to the central room and go to the room on the left. Take a pot and step onto the center switch to get the second key. Return to the central room and go through the center door. A boss confronts you inside, simply stand in front of him and pause, then just wait for him to finish himself off! When he's defeated, he drops his possession and leaves; the Metal Bird is yours! See Skins Section on Items Page for More Info!

6 - Zorbi Ring - Next, return to the foreman, who by now has finished clearing the rocks. Jump down the cliff and into the well. Once inside, head up and touch the laser to read the message. How head up, and take the left path. Use the Bruges bird to flip the switches to open the doors then walk into the blue circle here, a teleporter. Once teleported take the top door, and go across the converor belots and touch the computer screen. Leave and this time take the right door. Touch the computer screen, then press M, up, left, down, right.Next, use the Bruges Bird to push a bomb across to flip the switch, then blow up the switch above you with another bomb. Run past the lasers and touch the screen. Leave the room and take the door on the left. Examine the machine at the left - it is the Titan Engine. It Seems Ayla is going to blow up the place! Run back to the front room, or die and re-enter the well. Head up and take the right path this time, go through the airlock, and get the zorbi ring!

7 - Hookshot - Now, head to the BC Crane Game, which is in northern Neoroner (Onett) Town. Once inside, pay the man 20 rupees and go to the controls of the clan. Use the simple controls to get the doll in the center of the machine. With doll in hand, head to the under water remnants of Big City and enter the house directly in front of the entrance to the city. Talk to the man inside and he will trade you the Doll for the Hookshot!

8 - Chain - This time, go back to central Graal City and enter Zol's Pub (north of the nightclub). Go the bathroom in the back and jump down the toilet. Pull the block and enter the door to the bottom left (the door to the right takes you to a hera). Once inside, simply walk through each room and exit out the doors. After a long hallway you will come to the final room. Inside, kill all of the baddies and a special baddy will appear in the upper portion of the room; talk to him to get the Chain!

9 - Birdshot - Finally, go to Morgan's Cave, just north of Taylor Richard's and south of Graal City. Inside, she will combine all of your items to form the Birdshot, free of charge! WOW!!!! 
Destiny Pyramid

Golden Gloves
Golden Graal 

1 - Supplies - First, to make the key appear to even enter the temple, you need the shovel. Inside, you'll need the conch shell, the hammer, the birdshot, and the rat form, so get those first too. Once you have your supplies ready, you can walk to Destiny and head to the far southeast corner: the desert. Here, you'll find the Pyramid itself and you can begin the excavation!

2 - Big Key - Once inside, you find yourself in a dark and spooky place. Kill the initial guards, then pull the statues onto the switches to make a key appear. Take the key and enter the left door. From there, walk around and go north twice. [If you chose the right door instead of the left one, use the Bruges's Bird on the bird switch in the center and then use the conch shell to make the door in the north open. Go up past the scorpions then go all the way left to be in the same spot as those who took the left door.] Use the conch shell and enter the door that opens in the northwest. In this room, push the statues out of the way to reach the top-left corner. Use the fan to propel yourself to the platform and hit the switch from the south with your sword until it turns green. Use the other fan to get back down, then head out the east door, which opened up when you triggered the switch. In the new room, work your way through the maze and exit out the bottom door. In this go across the paths here and exit out of the left door, watching out for the scorpions. Next, kill all the enemies by throwing rocks. If the door at the bottom won't open, try moving the statue into its place. Go through the door, use the conch shell to reveal a path, and run past the axes. Next, use your birdshot get over the gap and get the key in the chest. Go right and use your hammer to work your way through the easy looking but hard maze; you can only go over some sections of ground. Exit through the north door. Run past the scorpion traps, and get the next key. You are now near where you started. Now go back to the room where you first opened the passage with conch shell, and go right one level to find the big chest that you can't open yet, and right again. Use conch shell again to open the passage. Now go around the maze and push the bird statue onto the switch (lifting or blowing up the green stones in your way), then go through the door. Now transform into a rat (rat form), and go over the bridge, while avoiding the axes. Now go through the bottom door, and in the next room, walk around the edge and take the door down, do the same again in the next level and take the door right. Use your conch shell to reveal some paths use your birdshot to get some free money if you wish (200 gelat) then go down. Use the shovel on the tile in the middle of this room to get the big key. Go back to where you saw the big chest, and use your big key to get the golden gloves!!!

3 - Horus - Now go to the left conch-shell opened door, then go right and down, and go to the bottom right corner (take the first right turn to get there) and go through the bottom right door to find Horus. Horus just hides under rocks, shooting at you. Simply pick up a rock, and throw it at him, avoiding the shots and being careful not to go too close.

4 - The Sphynx - When Horus has been defeated, go down and through the maze, taking the top door and watching out for the jumping enemies. This level is an easy puzzle where you have to drag the statues onto their corresponding switches that takes forever to do. Again, watch out for the annoying jumping enemies. Once you have finished moving the statues to their places, leave out the left. In the next level, ignore the enemies and go south. Now, you'll spot the sphinx and you might notice the hera on it's head. Jump down to the sphinx, and throw the stones at him to kill him. When he is defeated you will win the hera and, in the next room, the gold graal!! 

Chaos Sword (lvl 2)
CC Warp Cape
Red Gloves
(Jolt Bombs)

1 - Forest Palace - Go into the blue house near Taylor Richard's and step on the warp to teleport to Chaotica. Say "yes" to exit the room, make sure you pick up the maps first. Go left, into the forest. At the end of the forest, you should see a tower. Kill the melon head outside to get key. Enter and kill the baddies in each of the rooms. At the end, you should face a boss. Go to the middle of the room and follow the boss around, slashing him. The bow also works well. When the boss is dead, go up and get the Chaos Sword (same as Blood Axe) and the CC Warper (a cape)

2 - Alien Volcano - Go back to Larry's house in northern CC City and then go to the volcano in the bottom right of the CC world. Enter the nearby house and say "yes" to get the clothes and the permission you need, then go into the volcano and keep going forward. The alien should knock you out. When you wake up, you should be in a room with other people, talk to the one near the cracked wall to blow it up. You are now in a room with some alien enemies dropping bombs. Throw the bombs they drop back at them, and they will die. When they are all dead leave the volcano and return to Larry.

3 - Restore water to Life Mountain - Go all the way to the top left corner of Chaotica and Larry should let you into the cave. Inside, take the top right, then follow the path down. After exiting, jump off the river bed to the north and enter the cave in the dry river. Kill all the enemies in the next few rooms, then in the puzzle where there are lots of arrows and explosions, go to the very right of the screen and walk up. Everything will miss you. Now go up and go through the correct doors, from the left they are doors 4, 2 and 3. Now go up and say "life" to get past. The next room is the boss, who is a blob. Hit him with arrows to kill him, auto-bow is the best weapon here.

4 - Kill the spider - Pick up the gloves, then go one screen up, one left, then several more up until you get to a cave. Kill all the enemies then go through the middle door. Kill every enemy in this room and a big spider should appear. Kill all the baddies and the big spider; using the sword is easiest. Afterwards, you will appear outside and will receive a gold rupee from the princess.

5 - Sand Palace - Return to Larry's house and kill the enemies to get a key. Go to the sand palace in the left part of the CC world and use the key on it. Enter. Kill all the baddies but watch out for the vortex. There is no real boss here! As a reward you will get a gold rupee. Use the warp door to exit.

6 - Baddy Castle - Go back to Larry's house, then go to the graveyard near life mountain and bomb John Denro's grave. Go inside and always choose the paths to the right. At the end there is a warp to the Baddy Castle. Kill the baddies to get the baddy clothes. Follow the road and go to the castle at the top. Go up until you meet the king and he will put you in prison. Say "yes" to escape. Enter the sewers and go right. Kill all the baddies until you get the key, then rest in a bed to get your hearts back. Go back left and use the key at the door. Kill the king with one sword hit then free the guy from the prisons by touching his door. He will give you a key, which opens the previously locked door on the left. Go into the Prince's room and kill all the baddies. After four rounds you will win and you will finally be teleported to a room with lots of money and the Jolt Bombs!!

7 - Pirate Quest - Talk to Larry again. Now go to the very right of Chaotica and go up the water, eventually you will come to a house and an island. Here, you must solve some easy screens. The one on the left is easy and it's also a great place to get loads of arrows! Auto-bow is recommended. The one on the right is a puzzle like Zol's pub, just be careful and do it slow. The one on the bottom is a maze, avoid the fire balls while reflecting the arrows, if you have high health just run on the path that goes southeast. Now take the top route and you will have to do a simple race against the clock, lift and throw the things out of your way for the best time. Once through, go to the top right house and down the hole inside. Go through the prison door on the bottom and kill the moving enemy with one sword hit. Get the key from the bottom of the room and return to the prison. Go to the cell with someone inside and get the key. Use the warp pad to exit and travel to the other house on the small island. Here you will be sent to a mountain, jump off the top jump until the second last jump, then jump off the right hand side instead. Now go down and you will beat the time limit easily. Now just kill the last enemy here with your sword and you will be taken to a place with loads of bombs, arrows, money and the all-important Fireblast! 
Magic Quest

Lode Ore
Magic Meter 

1 - Sylphia City - Enter the new Snow Town with 5000 rupees in your pocket (the town is located in eastern/northeastern Graal). Enter the house to the left of the shop (near the entrance) and you will find Mayor Zol. Say '5000' to donate your money to his campaign and he will allow you access to the well and ask you to look for his key. Leave the house and go all the way to the northeastern part of Sylphia. Here you should find the wall, just walk straight in to face the well's seemingly-endless corridors.

2 - Ice Well - Go north, blow up the ice pillars with your bombs (or explosive weapons), continue north, west, north, west, then north. Take the right path then go north, west, west, south, and south. In this new room, jump off the southern edge to get to the bottom. Take the right teleporter. Head south and continue this path until you reach a room with a split path; take the leftmost path. Continue until you reach a cross roads with a path leading north and east; take the east path. Continue until you reach another split path leading south and this time take the leftmost path. This will finally lead you to the lair of the Ice Lizard! He only can be defeated if you are the first person in the room and usually only works if you are the ONLY person in the room. To easily kill him, walk over to the southern part of the western wall and lay a superbomb. Pause and let him come and get exploded by it then unpause quickly and lay another, pausing again. He should quickly lose all of his life this way and eventually yield the key. A note: be careful not to run out of bombs or darts, if you run out, you will be transported outside and will have to start the fight all over. However, you will arrive directly at his lair if you happen to lose, so it can actually be a blessing in disguise. After getting the key you will be transported out of the well back to Sylphia.

3 - Sylphia City - Take the key to Zol (now south of the well) and he will ask you to open his house for him. Go to his house, located in the far northern part of town, and try to use the key on his door. It breaks! Return to Zol (still south of the well) and tell him the news. He will tell you to fix the key, but first you have to get the pieces!

4 - Lava Caves - Go to the lava caves, which are north east of Sylphia. Enter it and go around the curve and in the south door. Then take a left and jump the platforms in the next room. Work your way to the north door and go in. Here you have to kill all the baddies and then the lode gloves will appear.

5 - Avalon - Now, use the Avalon Warp Ring to transport to Avalon. Go two levels south and you will encounter the little tree, walk around this area to be transported to the clouds!

6 - Sky Tower - Once you're in the sky, head north. When you try to enter the tower's main entrance you'll be stopped by the Abominables and thrown into a dungeon cell. Watch the cinema and follow ???'s instructions. Once out of jail head all the way west. The lasers are motion sensitive, so don't move while one is passing you, or you'll be in for a shock. Continue taking the west path at the 4-way (after you defeat the guards). At the end, talk to Galore, who will tell you to go to the command core. Return to the 4-way and touch the machine. Say the password Galore gave you and all of the cells and the gates above will be unlocked. Go all the way north. Circle around to the front of the tower (either path works) and go up the stairs. You will arrive in a room with the king, who will send his guards after you. After you defeat all of the guards once another round will attack you. When they are all defeated, the real king dethrones the pretender and gives you access to the LodeStone. Go into the trap door and circle around to the front of the stone. Use the lode gloves and it should turn to level 2! From here, just leave the castle out the front door and return to Avalon.

7 - Sylphia - Return to Sylphia and approach the door to Zol's house. When directly outside the door, use the lode gloves to remove the lodged key piece. Talk to Zol on the left side of the door and he will tell you to take the key to Avalon to be fixed.

8 - Avalon - Return to Avalon and go to Terazel's House, the western-most house in Avalon, located in the northern section. Give the two key pieces to the blacksmith in the back room. He will tell you that LodeStone Ore is needed to fix the key and that it can be found in volcanic areas.

9 - Fire Caves - See "Lava Caves' Heras" to receive the Lode Stone.

10 - Nimda - With the LodeStone in hand, return to the blacksmith in Avalon. He will tell you that it takes time to repair the key: 66 minutes. After the 66 minutes return to the smith and get the key.

11 - Sylphia - Return to Sylphia for the last time and go to Zol's House. Talk with Zol, sitting next to the house, to give him the key. Zol will run off ungratefully. Try to follow after him to find the door locked! However, Zol's father will appear as a ghost and after a winded speech FINALLY bestow the power of magic upon you!! Log on and off of Graal to start using magic if it does not work right away. Time to go questing for some magical spells! 
Old Graal
Old Graal Warp Ring
Leap Frog
(Super Bombs)
Cane of Brugara 

1 - Get into Old Graal - If you have the Old Graal Warp Ring, use it. If you don't, then go to the newbie house (Orphanage) The house just to the right of it is the museum, pay the man inside 5 rupees to be transported to Old Graal 

2 - Get into Old Graal Castle - Go south and west form the entrance until you reach the castle (places are similar to places in regular Graal). Go to the little guardhouse on the left side on the castle, defeat the baddies and get the key here, then go into the castle! Here, Pachuka will be king of the castle; talk to him and he'll throw you in jail. 

3 - Get out of jail - In the jail cell, break out by hitting the block at the top of the jail repeatedly, making sure you talk to Vangel. Go down the waterways, out the pumping station (kill all the baddies), and to the church in the town, it's near the center. You MUST defeat all the baddies in the sewers/pumping station for the quest to work. The baddies under the river do not matter. Talk to the GP in front to get the key to the back door. Use it. Once outside again, shoot yourself out of the cannon to Sardon's. Tell the guard at the door inside the tower "Sardon sent me" Go through the baddy area and talk to Sardon to get the Magic Mirror. Then, leave the tower completely and return to the lake where you came out of when escaping the castle (near sewers). Swim around to the back of the castle and enter. Confront Pachuka. He'll turn into a baddy, kill all the enemies and then Pachuka himself. Get your reward from the top right door. Now you have to go save the king in Swamp City, but you'll need a key first. 

4 - Get the Key - Go to the very top right of Old Graal, here there  is a graveyard. Read the top grave stones in reverse order and then read  the center one to unlock a secret door. Go into the teleport and  straight go up until you reach the ninji tower, where you have to solve a  difficult puzzle involving arrows. First, go upstairs and kill the  flying baddy with arrows. After he is defeated a door will open, go in  and push the switch into the blackness to make it appear in the level  below. Next, go back down and make the machines link together until the  arrow reaches the top left room. Pull the target in the top left room  two spaces away form the wall then repeatedly hit the arrow machine  until a large enough explosion is formed to make the other arrow machine  shoot the apple. Talk to Apprentice Li upstairs to get the key. 

5  - Save the King - Go to Swamp City in Old Graal and go into the tower  here. When you enter a teleporter, you will go in the direction you  entered it in. (if you go into a teleporter from the south, you will go  up into the room above). Get into the middle one, ignore the guy at the  bottom left for now. Here, go through the right door. Kill the attacker  and continue on. Use a bomb on the arrows and enter the next room. Here,  there will be a large bird, stand near the pots in the corner and throw  bombs at it once you've killed the other baddies in the room.  Afterwards, Antago will be destroyed automatically by the cheat catcher.  Go all the way back down; now you can go to that guy at the bottom  left; lay a bomb to save him and go back to Graal Castle. 

6 - Get Leap Frog - Talk to the real king, and then go into the top right door and get the Leapfrog!

7  - Save the Queen - Now, exit the castle and go to the place where  Tribal Village is. Go south and enter the river and swim downstream to  the Otherworlder's Camp. Go all the way to the top and the door will say  'locked by Fox'. Now, leave and go to Graal Bridge in old Graal and  talk to Fox. Go straight up into his tunnel. When you get to the 4 way  path, go left, right, left, right, up, down, up, down, then kill all the  enemies and the miner to get another key. Go back to the Otherworlder's  camp and open the door, then kill all of the enemies and blow up the  tile that appears. Go through the caves, killing the enemies again. Free  the queen and try to go back to the castle. You will be abducted by  aliens! Talk to their leader. Go up and left, then defeat all of the  enemies. Now, go right and into the teleporter. Once in, kill all of the  enemies and go left. Go through and rescue all of the people;  eventually you will come to the area where the Queen is held captive.  Defeat the giant alien. Start the ship back up and you'll be warped to  the castle again. Go to the top right section and find Vangel, who will  give you your reward: access to the Paladin's Quarters! In these rooms,  you will find the Superbombs!!! Next, go back to the Paladin's Quarters  and enter the room to the southeast. Follow the balcony around and enter  the door. At the back of this room you will find a waterfall, look in  the middle of it and you will get a message in a bottle telling you to  go save Zorbi! 

8 - Go Save Zorbi - Exit the castle from the jail  side. Go through the waterfall right outside the exit. Go through the  pipes by taking the path that winds around and appears to lead  backwards. Then, kill the squid in the waterfall by shooting arrows at  it. Now you can swim into the new area and you'll end up in the garden.  Go up the hill; the book next to the floating guy is Meditation, it lets  you float at the cost of rupees! 

9 - Cane of Brugara - Go back to the Paladin's Quarters and get the note in the water. Exit the castle and go east until you reach Bruges Castle. Go down one screen to the town. In the house in the center is a red bird. Jolt Bomb the bird and get the password, then head back to Bruge's Castle. Say "Underground" while standing on the carpet in front of the door and the door will open. Once inside, run past the enemies and the blue blocks. Go through the  rooms, avoiding the traps. When you reach a 5 square wide path blocked  by blue rocks, walk through them, you will eventually find an invisible  path through.  At the first set of spikes, you will have to take damage  to get through,  but before the second set is a chest which stop the spikes from hurting  in future. Next there is a pit, do NOT walk into it. Go through the  door on the right and fire the fireblast to trigger the switches. When  you come to the door at the end, slash it and walk through. In this  room, avoid the baddies hit the blue stones with your sword, some of  them are fake. Enter the ring of stones in the bottom right corner to  activate the hidden warp. Exit out the western door. In the final room,  kill the boss (slashing repeatedly works best). When the boss dies, you  will warp to a new room, and the Cane of Brugara will be yours
Lizard Shield

Lizard Shield 

1 - The Wall - First, enter the Mayor's house, located  in the center of Babord. Upstairs, the mayor will tell you about his  problems and ask you to visit the mines for him. Exit the mayor's house  and head northwest until you reach a cave in the face of the cliff; this  is the entrance to the mines. Once inside, you will discover that you  need the TNT that the pirates have stolen. Exit the mines and head all  the way to the west, then to the south. You will eventually reach a pier  with a pirate ship. Enter the ship and climb the stairs to the deck.  Take the TNT from underneath the pirate captain, which will cause him to  start firing at you. Now go to Warehouses #3X and #H7 and get the keys  to Babord Brewery. Go into the Brewery and walk onto the conveyer belt  with all the beers on it. Continue along until you go down the hole.  Walk to the right and you will find nine chests, the middle one  containing the wall mine! Run back to the mines and place the TNT at the  back wall, causing the wall to explode and come to life. The land mine  will kill the wall for you, just stand at the back of the room ;this  will trigger the pirates to abduct you and shoot you out of a cannon all  the way to Nimda Town.

2 - Lizard Temple - Return to the mines in Babord. This time, the wall will have disappeared and you will be able to continue to the north. This leads you to the entrance to the Lizard Temple. In the first several rooms, kill all the baddies and the doors will open. Eventually, you will reach a room with exploding chests. Touch the chests then run away, allowing them to explode on nothing. Kill all the baddies and go on to the next room. Here, pull the blue blocks and push the red blocks as far as you can. In the following rooms, continue to kill all the baddies and progress further inwards. You will finally reach a puzzle with blocks; push the block with a large gap to the right of it as far as possible then push all the red blocks here out of the way. Pull the blue block out of the way and go through the door. In the next room, you will meet the Lizard King, who sets his baddies on you. Kill them and exit and continue the pattern until you reach the scorpion boss. The only thing that will hurt this boss is the Fireblast, or, if you don't have that, shooting arrows through bombs you place. Eventually, the scorpion will die. Buy arrows and bombs from the guy in the corner and continue on. In the next room, you will be chased by fire balls, so run along the path and jump over the gaps you see. If the fire balls catch you, you will die, so RUN!! You will next reach a room where you must kill all the baddies in 60 seconds. With all the practice you've gotten so far in here, it'll be no problem! In the following room talk to the Lizard Priest who will summon the Lizard God. To kill him, either chase him and keep hitting him with the sword or try to get in multiple hits while he lines up in the center. Either way, once he's destroyed exit to the north. Here, the Lizard Priest will attempt to use powerful magic on you but he fails. Hit him with the sword and get the Lizard Shield!!! 
Blood Katana

Blood Katana 

1 - Ninji Tower - First, go to the Dark Forest, which is to the far north of Graal City, east of the port, and west of Graal Cliff's. Go to the back left part of the forest where you will find a small hut. Enter the hut and follow the path through to get to the Ninji Castle. Go up through the Ninji Castle until you get to the throne room. Talk King etc. and they will tell that you have to pass four tests. Go out of the throne room and go up some more until you reach your first test.

2 - 1st Test - This one is easy, touch any of the switches to open any of the doors. Make your way to the top to enter the next test.

3 - 2nd Test - This is a test of stealth. Work your way through the easy maze being very careful not to let the guards see you. Go up the stairs at the bottom to enter the next test.

4 - 3rd Test - This next test is an annoying maze. The blocks that you can walk through only appear every so often, they are all on a cycle, so u have to slowly make your way round and up the stair-case that you see when you first go into the room

5 - 4th Test - The last test is a test of sparring skills. The best method is to stand just out of reach and hit your opponent when she is spinning. After she is defeated, the back door will open and let you pass. *Note - If you have over the lvl 1 sword, this door will NOT open for you* Outside, touch the statue to get the Blood Katana! 
Zol's Sword

Zol's Sword
Obsidian Hilt 

1 - Titanium - First, enter the alien spaceship located east of the Joint. Once inside, solve the two puzzles to give the alien ship power. Next, go talk to the alien at the entrance, he will change the teleporter so it takes you to the Lunaris Base. Once you are there, enter the alien ship on the left and go through the teleporter to Lunaris. Once there, go to the Plasma Temple, located near the center, and talk to the man inside who will give you the Plasma Key. Go all the way southwest until you come to a cave. Use the key to open the door and follow it through; at the end, you will find a huge spider boss! Jolt Bombs work very well, as long as you time them right. Once defeated, the spider gives way to the Titanium!

2 - Obsidian Hilt - Go to the new lava caves on the Northeast Island (in the ocean in the far, far northeast). Once inside the lava caves, go south once and west twice. You will come to a series of small islands that you need to jump between. Make your way up to the top, being careful not to fall into the lava (it hurts). Go north. Kill all the baddies and the Lode Glove should appear. Go back south, make your way back through the islands, and go east. Use your lode glove to move the block and go east one and south one. Make your way through the maze, using the lode glove to move the stones, and go to the south of the maze, where you will see some sparkly ground. Dig here to get the Obsidian Hilt!

3 - Claw -[URL="http://forums.graal.in/forums/hearts.html"]see Heart page[/URL]"Tyhm's Quest"

4 - Final step - after you get everything go back to the Lunaris Base and go in the left alien ship but this time go around the teleporter and into the next room. you will see a Alien blacksmith there and he will take your items and forge them into Zol's Sword!


Gnome King's Hera

Requirements - Gold Gloves - Gnome Heart
Spoils - Hera 
First, enter the Gnome Kingdom by either falling down the hole in the gnome's house or by using the mine entry labeled Gnome Kingdom, which is to the far south of Graal City. Either way, once you are in the Gnome Kingdom, go all the way to the right and go to the throne room. Use the level 3 gloves to push the leftmost pillar on the left side out of the way. Go down it to retrieve the Hera!
The Dragon's Hera

Requirements - None
Spoils - Hera - Hammer - Note 
Go to the Gnome Kingdom and go all the way right to the throne room. Talk with the king and say 'yes' when he asks you to save his daughter. He will give you a note, take that back to the main corridor. Enter the middle door on the bottom and visit the blacksmith. He will give you the Hammer for free! Return to the main corridor and go west, then north. Use your hammer on the stakes and make your way northward, avoiding the missiles and enemies. When you reach the end, use the hammer on the stakes on the right and hurry through. More passages follow, but eventually you will reach a dragon, stand against the left wall and keep slashing your sword to kill him. Once defeated, go talk to the princess in the back of the room and she will give you a Hera!! 

The Dead's Hera

Requirements - None
Spoils - Hera 
Enter the town of Babord, west of Graal City. You can get there by using the cave west of Swamp City, by going through the Gnome Kingdom, or by using the spaceship. From the entrance cave, go left two screens and enter the 'House of the Dead'. Go through the north door and bomb the right-most book on the center shelf on the right side of the room. Examine the hole and it will transport you to a room, get the chest in the corner, which contains the Hera! 

GP's Hera

Requirements - None
Spoils - Hera - 
Go to the main entrance of Babord and enter the Police Station. Head to the back and talk to shockedfrog, who will tell you to look for Little Prince to receive a reward. Exit the police station and head all the way west, then all the way north until you reach Happy Acres, a mental institution. Enter and go in the northeast door. Here, take pots from near the bar and throw them at Little Prince in the northeast corner until he dies. Get the sword from the dead body and bring it back to shockedfrog in the PD. He will reward you with another Hera! 

Tyhm's Hera

Requirements - Lizard Shield -
Spoils - Hera - 2 Keys - Call Airship - Knife of Judgment - Nail 
1 - Riddle Bridge and Wutai Clan First, go to the cave entrance above Graal Cliffs by walking to Graal City and heading all the way north. Turn right, and you will find the cave doors. Go into the top door to start the quest. Once inside, go through the middle door. Talk to the old man on the bridge and answer his questions with:
i seek the graal
African or European?
The man will disappear, so now go all the way up to the top of the stairs and jump off the waterfall. When you reach the bottom of the falls, walk up to go through the hidden cave beneath the waterfall. This is the "Wutai" clan. Go through the maze until you reach the treasure room at the end. Try to take the treasure. Guards will appear, run out the south door and kill the shadow enemy that appears (the easiest way is to lay a bomb, pause, lay a bomb, pause until she dies). Once she's gone, you get the first key!

2 - Ghost Train - Leave Wutai and climb all the way up the stairs to the top again. Enter the cave. Here, move all of the red rocks onto the tiles, then blow them up with a bomb flower. Go through the door and get on the train. Go to the right and the train will start, keep heading right until you talk to the conductor. Once accomplished, go all the way to the left through the entire train. When you reach the engine, enter it and hit switches 1 and 3. Leave the boiler room and go hit the switch at the font of the train. The train stops! Now go down and leave the train. Go through the easy maze in the new area and keep going until you reach the lizard tower. Go inside and kill all the enemies on each floor. When you get to the top floor, you will meet the lizard king. The objective is to make the lizard king shoot the blue bushes so that the explosions will hit him and destroy part of the room. The firs time, just throw the bushes next to the lizard king. Once he's beaten once, push the orange rocks out of the way and make him shoot fire balls at the hole that is smoking by running in front of him and dodging when he does shoot. When the blast hits the door, the explosion will hurt the lizard king. The third and last time, just walk around the area, trying to get enemies to hit the lizard king. When the King dies here, you will get the Nail (One of the three requirements to get Zol's sword) and finally get to the next area: the smash game! Beat all of the enemies; once you have killed 100 of them, the door will open. Go up and get permission from the Zorbi to use the airship. Enter the teleporter. Avoid the swords and baddies and get to the top level. After 3 levels you will get the power cell. Put the cell in the spaceship and go talk to cid again. Afterwards, go hit switches 1 and 3 to green and 2 to red. Go to the top of the ship and hit the top switch. Now, you will be able to travel the world map in a Spaceship! Go to Zorbi's cloud. When you arrive, get the towel from the cave and give it to Zorbi. She will give you the second key!

3 - The Mirror - Return to Riddle Bridge and go all the way down the stairs. Enter the bottom waterfall and go in the door. There you will find a mirror, use whatever you prefern to kill your reflection, healing with the pots if necessary. After it is defeated, go up a screen and meet the fairy. She will give you the Hera and the Knife of Judgment! Finally!!! 

Gnome Cave's Hera

Requirements - None-
Spoils - Hera - Red Power Glove 
1 - The Castle - Head towards the castle. You can do this by going south from Graal City until you reach "The Joint." Turn left and enter the warp house (Orphanage) next to the cliffs. Go through and exit out the back. Go to the castle to the north. Once inside, go straight up and talk to Chancellor Timemutt. Go left, down, and left, then enter the door in the left part of the screen. Talk to Cassio in the bed. Leave the barracks by using the east door and go up one screen. Go up the stairs and enter the door right in front of you. Talk to Cyrus and he will open the door to the king for you. Go back down the stairs and go to the right, then go up the double doors to visit the king. He will tell you about the gnomes and give you the red gloves! Now you can lift light gray stones!!

2 - The Gnome Cave - Exit the castle and follow the cliff wall to the southeast. Once you reach the Joint, head south/southwest until you reach a cave with light gray stones in front of it. Enter the cave and destroy all of the baddies inside. Search the back right room and find the chest with the Hera inside! 

Zol's Pub's Hera

Requirements - None-
Spoils - Hera - 
Enter Zol's Pub in central Graal City. Go in the top right door and fall down the toilet. Pull the blue block away then go to the right. Enter the top door. Solve the first simple maze and the tricky floor puzzle. In the third and last room use the teleporters in this order - bottom right, bottom left, top left, top right, bottom right, bottom left, top left. Enter the top door and you will get the Hera! Use the warp ring to get out 

Nimda Forest's Hera

Requirements - Dragon Map -
Spoils - Hera - Green Graal - Rat Form 
1 - The Map
Unofficial - Go to Onett (Neoroner) Town, northeast of Graal City. Once there, pay the blind man in the top part a gold rupee to learn the secret of the forest above him. Enter and follow the path right, left, center, right to enter the clearing. Here, you'll find the map to Nimda Forest!
Official - Go to Nimda Island by swimming or riding the cruise ship. Once here, go to the museum and pay to get in. Go to the leftern room and say "buy map" to buy the official map for 50 rupees.

2 - The Forest - Hera - Take the boat in far northwest Graal to Nimda Island. Once there, go west then north to reach the forest. Inside the forest, use the map (keep using it each time you enter a new level) and follow the paths that display heras over their entrances. After the last path you will find the hera in a chest!

3 - The Forest - Rat form - Now return to the entrance of the forest (by going to the door symbol) and this time follow the paths like before except this time following the bottle symbol (rat form). At the end of these paths you will come to the giant rat, whom you have to defeat. The easiest way is to use the fireblast repeatedly on him, he'll stop in place and you can get in all the damage at once. He will surrender and offer the rat form in exchange for his life.

4 - The Forest - Green Graal - Return to the entrance one more time and this time follow the pictures of the Graan Graals. Eventually, you will come to a small castle. Use the rat form to get inside, then hit the switch at the very top of the room to allow you to go up the next stairs. In this level, go either left or right, and again hit the switch. Now go through either of the doors. You will come to a larger level, this time go out between the middle pillars and go up. To get to the switch you must go above the vases, lift them and slide along (it looks to small, but you can make it). Now go to the bottom of the level, hit the switch and go down the stairs. Next go down and around to the lizards, kill them all to recieve a key. Go through the locked door, and through it until you come back to the original level. Hit the switch, then go to the dragon and say "yes". You will be flown to an island. Go south-east until you find a bigger island, then go to the south of that to find a locked temple. Hit the bush to the left of it to get the key and go inside. Defeat the easy boss, then go up to get the green graal!. 

Kull's Castle's Hera

Requirements - Golden Gloves - Hammer
Spoils - Hera - Green Graal - Metal Hammer - Climbing Shoes 
1 - The Mountain Climber - Go to the area outside of Graal Church, which is east of Graal City. There, you should be able to find a man without shoes. Talk to him and he will ask you to find them for him! Go to the cave in the back of this area and enter it. Go through the short maze and locate his shoes at the end of it. Bring the shoes back to the man and he will take you across the mountains. Once here, travel south until you reach an incomplete bridge. Take stones to the gap until all the spaces are filled and a bridge is formed. Cross the bridge and get the Green Graal! Continue on until you reach the castle.

2 - The Castle - Enter the doors to the castle and head to the back, left corner. Enter the open door and work through the maze. Once done, you will be back in the main area and the other back door will be open. Go through the door and its maze. After it is completed, both of the two front doors will be open. Enter either of these and exit to the balcony. You will be given a key to open the center boss door and your hammer will be upgraded to the Metal Hammer for free! Enter the center door and face the boss. The easiest way to kill him is to dodge the arrow machines and hit him from behind. You will need to hit him three times. After he is dead, speak with everyone outside; one of them gives you the Hera! 

Sardon's Tower's Hera

Requirements - None -
Spoils - Hera - Crystal Ball 
Go to Sardon's Tower, which is east of Neoroner(Onnett) Town, which is north of Graal City. Enter and go up all the stairs until you reach the top floor. Enter the door in the back and go through the short maze. In the next room, time your movements to get past the moving obstacles. The next maze requires you to push the blocks to make a path. Now, there will be a room with three golden baddies and a vortex. Kill the enemies and go down the lower door. Keep going through the passage; eventually you will get to a key. With key in hand, go back to the vortex room and take the left path. Go left through the first screen, and in the next screen go up through the top door. Keep going along this path and eventually you will get to the boss. Usually, the boss will not appear so you can simply lag through and exit. If it does appear, however, it's pretty hard to kill, just keep at it and try to memorize the pattern! Either way, go through the south door once he is defeated...and get the Hera and the Crystal Ball! 

Lava Cave's Heras

Requirements - Zorbi Ring -
Spoils - Hera - Hera - Hera - Hera - Lodestone Ore 
Enter the Lava Caves on the northeast island. The island is in the very far northeast, near the corner, and requires you to swim there. Once inside, follow the path around and go south. Here will be a four way titled "Lava Caves." Take the south path. If you need it, the necklace to make you resist the heat will be in the lava near the door, use the fishing rod to get it out. From the south path, go into the southern door. Outrun the lava snakes and get the first Hera from the center of the room. Exit out the south door. Follow the arrows to jump from island to island, get the hera in the chest, and go west to the next screen. Go as far south as possible then left one screen, where you can now snag another hera. Go up; on your way to the top you will find the next hera. Go north one more screen and go through the warp to enter the boss (Spider) area. Beat the medium-difficulty boss using your sword and the warp in the north will appear. Enter it to get the Lodestone Ore (you have to have done the beginning of the magic quest already). 

Antago Tower's Heras

Requirements - Opposite Boots -
Spoils - Hera - Hera- 
1 - To the Temple - First, enter Destiny and enter the cave underneath the river (it's slightly to the west from the entrance to Destiny). Follow the caverns underneath the river until you reach the four-way; once here, take the left exit. In this area, a force field will block your path. Use the opposite boots to walk through the force field, being careful not to touch any of the stones. Once you are through the barrier, you can take the boots off. Head west until you reach the entrance to the large and formidable blue tower.

2 - Gravity Temple - Once inside the tower, go straight up the middle stairs. Once upstairs, defeat the baddies and carefully run past the arrow machines to the south. In the new room, simply run out the door past the baddies. The next room is a huge push-block puzzle; in general, push the blocks so you can get to the right, then down, and then left to the door. In the next room, the doors repel entry. Go to the southeast corner then run straight through the southern door. Defeat the baddies in the new room and leave. The next room has 4 doors; go through the south door first. Defeat all of the baddies and get the I.D card at the bottom of the room, being careful not to touch the stones. Return to the 4 door room; this time, go west. In the new room, kill the baddies and try to exit through the north door. If it will not let you in, you must wait until the person already in the room either dies or gets through (only one person is allowed in the boss room at one time). Poneister, the boss of the Gravity Temple, is extremely difficult and has a high amount of health. Try to learn his pattern of attacks and exert extreme patience; this one may take a while! After you finally defeat him, you will gain access to the final room of the temple, containing two heras!! 

Resort Pub Hera

Requirements - None -
Spoils - Hera - 
First, go to the Tribal Village, which can be reached by going west on the road from Graal City. Head to the northern-most part of town where the resort pub is located. Talk to the girl in front, then enter the building. Go north one more screen and talk to the girl. Head through the locked door to the west and talk to girl number two. Return to the entrance room and head all the way left. Destroy all of the skeletons in this room, then enter the trap door. Touch the third girl to save her. Exit the trap door hallway and go through the blue door to the south. Go up to the bar and rescue girl number four. Return to the entrance to the courtyard but this time touch the bush nearest the entrance. THe final girl will be revealed and she will reward you with a hera! 

Bath Mog's Hera

Requirements - Level 3 Hammer - BirdShot
Spoils - Hera - Red Graal 
Go to Big City (you can do this by riding the cruise ship or by swimming). Once on the island, enter the house closest to the volcano, where the explorers are. Wait until they leave, then exit and follow them to the volcano. Use them as a human ladder and enter the volcano. From here, go north and follow the path as it winds through the volcano. The path is very straight forward and if there is ever a choice between doors they always lead to the same place. In the places with stumps, use the hammer, and in the places with lava, use the BirdShot. Eventually, after following the path, you will reach the lair of BathMog, the boss of the volcano. Kill him by slashing him, then continue on south (if when he dies the level does not reload, log on and off). Eventually you will circle around to be in levels you hav already been in. This time, however, when you come to the room where there were small stones blocking your path east the first time a group of those stones will have disappeared. Go through the stones instead of going around as before and when you come out you will find the Red Graal and the Hera! 

Bannon's Grave's Hera

Requirements - None -
Spoils - Hera - 
Enter Bannon's Cave, in the northern part of Graal City and just west of Onett Town. Once inside, enter te back door and follow the simple path around, being careful to not let the arrows force you off the path. In the next room, simply touch the grave to be given the hera! 

Sphynx's Hera

Requirements - Patience, see Quests Page -
Spoils - Hera - Gold Graal - Golden Gloves 
See [URL="http://forums.graal.in/forums/quests.html"]Quests Page[/URL] (under "Destiny Pyramid"), you get this hera after defeating the Sphynx. 

Ninji Barrelride Hera

Requirements - Blood Katana -
Spoils - Hera - Access to Graal Castle 
Once you've gotten the lvl 2 sword from the Ninji Tower (on the island in the far north, go through the Dark Forest to get access), talk to the masters in the center throne room again. This time they will allow you access into the Armory, where a barrel of katanas is being held for delivery to Graal Castle. To reach the armory, leave the throne room and go northeast, north, north, center. Once you have the barrel, leave the armory and return to the entrance of the Ninji Castle. Go east from here and enter the small cave to reach the underground lake. Once here, a fun mini-game will automatically start where you have to dodge the rocks as you swiftly move downstream. If you get hit your hearts go down, but there are refill hearts along the way. At the end the river will turn out to be the same river as the one under Graal Castle and you'll crash at the end of it, breaking the barrier and discovering a hera inside! 

Kraken's Hera

Requirements - Fishing Rod -
Spoils - Hera - 
See [URL="http://forums.graal.in/forums/quests.html"]Quests Page[/URL] (under "Birdshot"), you get this hera from Kraken's Assistant in exchange for a fish. 

Babord Wall Hera

Requirements - TNT -
Spoils - Hera - 
After you defeat the Babord wall monster, return to the cave to find a Hera in the Rubble. If you already beat the Wall, just re-enter the cave to get it. 
Hera Huts

Once you have acquired your heras take them to the trading posts where they can be exchanged for full hearts. Each shop can be used only one time. The shops are located in the following places: 

Angel Clan Waterfall - In the River
Gnome's House - Near Graal City
Babord Warehouse - Southern Babord
Nimda Forest - Western Forest
Lava Caves - On the Northeast Island
Avalon - Northeast side of Avalon 
[h=2]Equipment[/h][h=3]Gloves lvl 2[/h]See [URL="http://forums.graal.in/forums/hearts.html"]Hearts Page[/URL] (under Dragon's Hera). The King bestows these upon you
[h=3]Gloves lvl 3[/h]Required - Shovel - Conch Shell
See [URL="http://forums.graal.in/forums/quests.html"]Quests Page[/URL] (under Destiny Pyramid), you get this from the Destiny Pyramid
[h=3]Shield lvl 2[/h]Required - Fishing Rod - Conch Shell
Enter the Gnome Kingdom and head all the way west, you will come to a treasure chest enclosed in glass. Use the conch shell and you will be able to take the Mirror Shield!
[h=3]Shield lvl 3[/h]See [URL="http://forums.graal.in/forums/quests.html"]Quests Page[/URL] (under Lizard Shield). This can be found in the Lizard Temple in Babord
[h=3]Sword lvl 2[/h]Required - NOT to have lvl 2 or 3 sword
See [URL="http://forums.graal.in/forums/quests.html"]Quests Page[/URL] (under Blood Axe). This can be found in the Ninja Castle
[h=3]Sword lvl 3[/h]Required - Titanium - Obsidian Hilt - Dragon Nail - Gold Hammer - Gold Shovel
See [URL="http://forums.graal.in/forums/quests.html"]Quests Page[/URL] (under Zol's Sword). This can be forged in the smithy on the spaceship dock.
[h=2]NPCWs[/h]Note: An item with a * cannot be deleted. To delete an item, highlight that item and press the delete key on your keyboard. Deleting items will reduce lag!
[h=3]*Bow[/h]You Start With This. Press D to charge up. Press A to cycle through bows in your possession. Press D to fire when fully charged.
[h=3](Auto Bowgun)[/h]Required - 200 rupees
For *bow.
Go to Chaotica (Chaos Continuum) then go into Ned's NPC Network shop. Touch the Auto Bow to buy it!
[h=3](Fireball)[/h]For *bow.
Go to the cave to the far north of MoD Town (west of Graal City). Follow the simple cave through to find the Fireball in a chest at the end
[h=3](Fireblast)[/h]For *bow.
See [URL="http://forums.graal.in/forums/quests.html"]Quests Page[/URL] (under CC), you get this after you defeat the pirates in CC
[h=3]*Bomb[/h]You Start With Them. You Start With This. Press D to charge up. Press A to cycle through bombs in your possession. Press D to fire when fully charged.
[h=3](Jolt Bombs)[/h]For *bomb.
See [URL="http://forums.graal.in/forums/quests.html"]Quests Page[/URL] (under CC), you get them after you defeat the Baddies
[h=3](Superbombs)[/h]For *bomb.
See [URL="http://forums.graal.in/forums/quests.html"]Quests Page[/URL] (under Old Graal), you get them after you finish the quests in Silmaria
[h=3]300 Club Card[/h]Required - Bowling Ball - Bowled 300
Only after you bowled a 300, walk inside the 300 Club where you collect the card.
[h=3]Arrow Pouch[/h]Required - 30 rupees
This can be bought at the weapons shop just to the west of Onett (Nearorner) Town. Say 'purchase arrow pouch' and you receive the Arrow Pouch!
[h=3]*Bank Card[/h]Located at the Graal Bank located in the center of Graal City, get the Bank Card from the room on the right
[h=3]Betting System[/h]Required - Zorbi Ring
Go to Whiperstorm Fields by using the zorbi ring in the small lake just south of Angel Clan and following the cave. Once in the fields, go south two screens then west one screen. Grab the chest, and the Betting System is yours!
[h=3]Birdshot[/h]Required - Hookshot - Chain - Bruges's Bird
See [URL="http://forums.graal.in/forums/quests.html"]Quests Page[/URL] (under Birdshot), you get this from Morgan
[h=3]*Bombbag and *Quivver[/h]You Start With These. Go to the Graal Weapons Shop (north of Graal City) to buy more.
[h=3]Bowling Ball[/h]Required - 300 rupees
Buy at any Bowling Alley, USed for Bowling and annoying people.
[h=3]*Bruges's Bird[/h]See [URL="http://forums.graal.in/forums/quests.html"]Quests Page[/URL] (under Birdshot), you get this in Kraken's Cave
[h=3]*Bruges's Bird lvl 2[/h]Required - Bruges's Bird - MagicOnce you've reached the Ice Castle portion of the Magic Quest, you'll be able to reach the giant lode stone in the castle's basement. Once close to it, use the Bruges's Bird on it to upgrade it to lvl 2!
[h=3]Call Spaceship[/h]See [URL="http://forums.graal.in/forums/hearts.html"]Hearts Page[/URL] (under Tyhm's Hera). You're given this after you save the Spaceship
[h=3]Chain[/h]See [URL="http://forums.graal.in/forums/quests.html"]Quests Page[/URL] (under Birdshot), you get this in Zol's Pub
[h=3]Clock[/h]Go to Ebon Keep, which is the cave above SuperNic's and below Neoroner (Onett) Town. Go right two, then go up into the warp. Head into the top doorway and grab the Clock from the table!
[h=3]Conch Shell[/h]Required - Fishing Rod
Go to the pier in the far southern part of Babord. Use the fishing pole off of the left end of the pier near the bubbles and you will catch the conch! 
[h=3]Dancing Shoes[/h]Enter Old Graal (through the museum next to the warp house). Go to Tourney Mountain, one screen up and all the way to the right. Enter the cave and choose the closest door on the bottom. Continue one screen more south and grab the key from the Gladiator. Next, return to normal Graal and go to Graal Cliffs, located far north from Graal City and east from the port. Once inside, go straight through the waterfall, then go north through the invisible teleporter. In the new room, you will find the Dancing Shoes!
[h=3]Defensive Fire[/h]Go under Graal Castle (in the river). Swim up the river against the current, then enter the pathway and go all the way back down, fighting off the golden enemies as you go. At the end, you will find the Fire Protector!
[h=3]Dragon Nail[/h]Required - Lizard Shield
See [URL="http://forums.graal.in/forums/hearts.html"]Hearts Page[/URL] (under Tyhm's Hera). You recieve this when the Dragon King is defeated.
[h=3]Dragon Forest (Nimda) Map[/h]Go to Onett (Neoroner) Town, northeast of Graal City. Once there, pay the blind man in the top part a gold rupee to learn the secret of the forest above him. Enter and follow the path right, left, center, right to enter the clearing. Here, you'll find the map to Nimda Forest!
[h=3]Dragon Forest (Nimda) Map - Official[/h]Go to Nimda Island by swimming or riding the cruise ship. Once here, go to the museum and pay to get in. Go to the leftern room and say "buy map" to buy the official map for 50 rupees.
[h=3]*Fighting Fish[/h]Required - Fishing Rod - FishBowl
Get this randomly by fishing with the fishing rod. A higher level lure and fishing near Big City is recommended.
[h=3]Fishing Rod[/h]In Babord, go to the tackle shop located in the southeast area. Pay the man inside 100 rupees and you will get the fishing rod! [URL="http://forums.graal.in/forums/#lures"]Buy more lures to catch higher level fish.[/URL]
[h=3]*FishBowl[/h]In Babord, go to the tackle shop located in the southeast area. Pay the man next to the counter 100 rupees and he will give you the FishBowl
[h=3]Graal Radio[/h]Required - 1,000 rupees
Head to the Graal Cliffs entrance 9to the far north of Graal City and to the east of the port). Up and to the left of the entrance to the cave is a house, enter it and say "yes" to receive the Graal Radio!
[h=3]*Hammer[/h]See [URL="http://forums.graal.in/forums/hearts.html"]Hearts Page[/URL] (under Dragon's Hera). The Gnome Blacksmith gives you the hammer for free!
[h=3]*Hammer lvl 2[/h]Required - Hammer
See [URL="http://forums.graal.in/forums/hearts.html"]Hearts Page[/URL] (under Kull's Castle). The old man on the balcony upgrades your hammer for free
[h=3]*Hammer lvl 3[/h]Required - Metal Hammer - Obsidian Shaft
Go to Big City (the island in the far northwest) by riding the cruise ship or swimming there. Enter the small house closest to the volcano and wait for the three men in yellow to leave. Go outside and walk up them to get to the volcano. Once inside, go inside the middle rock to the volcano smithy. Talk to the blacksmith and we will upgrade your hammer to the Gold Hammer!
[h=3]Hookshot[/h]See [URL="http://forums.graal.in/forums/quests.html"]Quests Page[/URL] (under Birdshot), you get this from Big City
[h=3]Knife of Judgement[/h]See [URL="http://forums.graal.in/forums/hearts.html"]Hearts Page[/URL] (under Tyhm's Hera). You get this after you save the Fairy
[h=3]*Knife of Judgement lvl 2[/h]Required - Knife of Judgement - MagicOnce you've reached the Ice Castle portion of the Magic Quest, you'll be able to reach the giant lode stone in the castle's basement. Once close to it, use the Knife of Judgement on it to upgrade it to lvl 2!
[h=3]Leapfrog[/h]See [URL="http://forums.graal.in/forums/quests.html"]Quests Page[/URL] (under Old Graal), you get this after saving the queen
[h=3]Lode Gloves[/h]See [URL="http://forums.graal.in/forums/hearts.html"]Hearts Page[/URL] (under Lava Caves) You get the gloves on the western path of the Lava Caves
[h=3]Lode Gloves lvl 2[/h]Required - Lode Gloves - MagicOnce you've reached the Ice Castle portion of the Magic Quest, you'll be able to reach the giant lode stone in the castle's basement. Once close to it, use the Lode Gloves on it to upgrade it to lvl 2!
[h=3]*Mace[/h]Required - Shield lvl 3
Enter the Gnome Kingdom. In the hallway of doors, choose the bottom right door. Here, you will find a giant maze. At the end of it, you will find the minotaur, who you must defeat. Once killed, you will get the Mace and the Stone Tablet!
[h=3]*Mace lvl 2[/h]Required - Mace - Gold Hammer
Go to Big City (the island in the far northwest) by riding the cruise ship or swimming there. Enter the small house closest to the volcano and wait for the three men in yellow to leave. Go outside and walk up them to get to the volcano. Once inside, go inside the middle rock to the volcano smithy. Talk to the blacksmith and we will upgrade your mace to lvl 2 for free!
[h=3]*Mace lvl 3[/h]GC Prize Only
[h=3]Meditation[/h]See [URL="http://forums.graal.in/forums/quests.html"]Quests Page[/URL] (under Old Graal), you receive this after saving Zorbi
[h=3]Morpher[/h]Required - 1,000 rupees
To get this, go to Chaotica (Chaos Continuum) then go into Ned's NPC Network shop. Touch the Morpher to buy it!
[h=3]Obsidian Hilt[/h]Required - Zorbi Ring - Shovel lvl 3
See [URL="http://forums.graal.in/forums/quests.html"]Quests Page[/URL] (under Zol's Sword), you get this in the Lava Caves
[h=3]Obsidian Shaft[/h]Required - Hammer lvl 2 - Shovel lvl 2
First, travel to the snow town Sylphia (in the northeast) by going east from Graal City (past Master Li's woods) and then going north. At the outskirts of the city and to the right of the fort there is a circle of stakes. Pound down the stakes then use the shovel on the sparkly patch of snow to dig up the Shaft!
[h=3]Opposite Boots[/h]From the entrance to Destiny, follow the path east until it ends. Enter the house above you with the orange contraption out front and get the Opposite Boots from the back left room!
[h=3]Ore[/h]See [URL="http://forums.graal.in/forums/hearts.html"]Hearts Page[/URL] (under Lava Caves). You find this in the lava caves
[h=3]Panda Beer and Panda Wine[/h]Required - 10 rupees
Go to Whiperstorm Fields (the warp south of Angel Clan). Go northeast until you reach the doorway in the tree which leads to the Panada Clan guildhouse. Once inside, enter the main house in the north and head though the central doorway on the right behind the waterfall. Go to the bartender and say 'wine' and 'beer' to get the two items!
[h=3]Permaclothes[/h]Required - 2,000 rupees
From the entrance to destiny, head slightly to the right and go all the way south until you reach the ocean. Turn east and go straight. Enter the first house you come across. Once inside, go left, down, right. Drop 2,000 rupees and you will purchase the Permaclothes!
[h=3]*Quivver lvl2[/h]
North of Onett town you will see a guy sitting next to a tree. Go into this tree and then go: right, centre, left, right. You will come to *Quiver lvl2! 
[h=3]Quivver and Bombstock (Originals)[/h]Required - 200 rupees - Avalon Warp
Warp to Avalon. Go to the southeast until you reach a large house belonging to Bar Giora. Enter the house and go to the back-left corner. Walk under the stairs and enter the hidden shop. Say 'Quiver' and 'Bombstock' to make the goods appear and touch each one to buy them!
[h=3]*Rat Form[/h]Requirements - Dragon Map
See [URL="http://forums.graal.in/forums/hearts.html"]Hearts Page[/URL] (under Nimda Forest) You get this after defeating the giant rat in Nimda
[h=3]Runic Key[/h]Go to Ebon Keep, the cave in northeast Graal City near Onett Town. Once inside, head north and then west. Enter the top door and go in the crevice between the chests on the left. From here, go down the stairs to enter the library. Look at the empty spot on the bookshelf to find the Runic Key!
[h=3]*Shovel[/h]Required - 105 rupees
Go to the Museum (west of the Joint and east of the Orphanage) and pay 5 rupees to go to Old Graal. Once inside, go to the shop which is in the same spot where the night club is in graal (next to the newbie house) and buy the ticket for 100 rupees. Return to the entrance and go two screens up and slightly to the left until you see a small building, the "Mystery Maze." Once inside, the maze is very similiar to Zol's Pub. At the end of the maze, you'll find the Shovel!
[h=3]*Shovel lvl 2[/h]Required - Note - Shovel - Hammer lvl 2
Go to the Gnome Kingdom and talk to the blacksmith in the center door on the bottom again, he will upgrade your shovel to the lvl 2 Ice Shovel after talking with him!
[h=3]*Shovel lvl 3[/h]Required - Hammer lvl 3 - Shovel lvl 2
First, enter the alien spaceship located east of the Joint. Once inside, solve the two puzzles to give the alien ship power. Next, go talk to the alien at the entrance, he will change the teleporter so it takes you to the dock. Enter the left ship. Instead of going through the teleporter, go behind it to the alien blacksmith's shop. Once inside, talk to him and he will upgrade your shovel to Golden for free!
[h=3]Titanium[/h]See [URL="http://forums.graal.in/forums/quests.html"]Quests Page[/URL] (under Zol's Sword), you get this from Lunaris
[h=3]Translation Book[/h]See [URL="http://forums.graal.in/forums/hearts.html"]Hearts Page[/URL] (under Midas' Heras). You find this in a house in Midas's Realm
[h=3]Trident[/h]Required - 1,000 rupees
Go talk to the man beside the tree stump located south of Mod Town. Say "weapon please" and the man will let you have the Trident!
[h=3]Zorbi Ring[/h]See [URL="http://forums.graal.in/forums/quests.html"]Quests Page[/URL] (under Birdshot), you get this in a well in Avalon
[h=2]Lizardon Spire Tablets[/h][h=3]Fire Tablet[/h]Required - Birdshot - Zorbi Ring
Swim to the lava caves on the northeast island (in the far northeast corner). Once inside, follow the path around until you reach the main lava caves and the 4-way. Take the east path and follow it through, killing baddies and moving lode stones out of your way in the process. When you reach lava pools, use the birdshot to get over them. You will need to move some lode stones out of the way before you can continue in later places, so watch out for them. At the end of the path, you will reach the lair of Spider #2. Defeat it and the Fire Tablet will appear in the center of the room when you are done!
[h=3]Ice Tablet[/h]See [URL="http://forums.graal.in/forums/quests.html"]Quests Page[/URL] (under Magic Quest). This is found in Sylphia's Ice Well.
[h=3]Stone Tablet[/h]Enter the Gnome Kingdom. In the hallway of doors, choose the bottom right door. Here, you will find a giant maze. At the end of it, you will find the minotaur, who you must defeat. Once killed, you will get the Stone Tablet!
[h=3]Wind Tablet[/h]Not Yet Online
[h=2]Game System[/h][h=3]Game System[/h]
Buy it in the Nimda Gift Shop on Nimda Island for 500 rupees. Say "buy game".
[h=3]Games[/h]Space Invaders - Comes Free with Game System

Blocks - Buy it in the Nimda Gift Shop on Nimda Island for 100 rupees. Say "buy blocks"

Snake - Buy it in the Shop in Onett Town for 100 rupees.

Bomb Dodger - Buy it in the Shop in Destiny for 100 rupees.

Block Destroyer - Buy On Lunaris South for 100 rupees. 
[h=2]Magical Items[/h][h=3]Cane of Brugara[/h]See [URL="http://forums.graal.in/forums/quests.html"]Quests Page[/URL] (under Old Graal), this is the prize for mastering Bruge's Tower
[h=3]*Crystal Ball[/h]See [URL="http://forums.graal.in/forums/hearts.html"]Hearts Page[/URL] (under Sardon's Tower). Get this from the boss you defeat
[h=3]Bases[/h]Death - Ragnarock Shrine in Avalon (throw a bush at the tree south of the large mettin dais) - Kills if Opponent is at Half Life

Famine - Avalon Tool Shed (central Avalon) - Randomly Halves Opponents Life

Fire - Cave in Lava Caves (southern path) - Shoots Fireballs for Damage

Life - Nimda Forest, the Invisible Path by the Arrow - Heal Nearby Players for .5

Pestilence - The Hospital in Old Graal

Stone - Behind a Pillar in the Gnome Trone Room (push the pillar on the left to move it, then use zorbi ring) - Confuses Opponent

War - The Graveyard in Ninji Castle (northern island) - Attacks as if with Sword

Water - Zorbi Shrine (where you got the Zorbi Ring) - Turns Opponent Into Ice
[h=3]Main Magic Shop[/h]Go to the small cave located to the right of Sardon's tower to empty your crystal ball or rearrange the spells, both for free. Also, here you can decide whether you want your magic to be offensive (straight, costs less mp) or defensive (circular, costs more mp)
[h=2]Graals[/h]You can check which Graals you have by going to the Golden Gate, which is just east of the Joint. If you collect all 4 Graals, you will be able to enter Midas's Realm!
[h=3]Gold Graal[/h]Required - Shovel - Conch Shell
See [URL="http://forums.graal.in/forums/quests.html"]Quests Page[/URL] (under Destiny Pyramid), you get this from the Destiny Pramid
[h=3]Blue Graal[/h]Required - Zorbi Ring
Find Zorbi Castle, which is in the ocean east of Avalon. Use the zorbi ring and enter the cadtle. Go to the back room and use the ring again; when you surface, you will recieve the Blue Graal!
[h=3]Red Graal[/h]Required - Zorbi Ring - Level 3 Hammer - BirdShot
See [URL="http://forums.graal.in/forums/hearts.html"]Hearts Page[/URL] (under Big City Volcano) You get this from the Volcano in Big City

[h=3]Green Graal[/h]Required - Dragon Map - Rat Form
See [URL="http://forums.graal.in/forums/hearts.html"]Hearts Page[/URL] (under Nimda Forest) You get this from the imprisoned Dragon!
[h=2]Warp Rings[/h]
Note:There is a new system of Warp Ring locations. When you first get the warp ring it will warp you to the orphanage (newbie house). Around Graal there are green tokens with a big S on them. The last place you picked up this big S is the place that you will warp to instead of the newbie house, so be careful not to pick them up if you don't want to warp there. 
[h=3]*Warp Ring[/h]You get this at the newbie start point before you enter Graal
[h=3]CC Warp Cape[/h]Required - Conch Shell
See Quests Page, you will find these in the Shadow Temple in CC
[h=3]Old Graal Warper[/h]Required - 35 gelat
Enter the museum to the right of the Orphanage and pay the man 5 gelat to enter old graal. Once there go north until you find the Northern Limits store. Go in there and drop one red gelat then go pick up the the ring. Now you can get into Old Graal for free! 
[h=2]Locations of the S-Tokens for the *Warp Ring[/h]
Newbie House - (default) - in the front door room on the top right corner
Graal Castle - left side of the Castle
Avalon - left of the entry cave,northwest of the fishing house
Big City - right of the volcano where the docks entrance are
Delta Island - the bottom left corner of the island
Destiny Pyramid - just north of it
Nimda - left of the forest
Sylphia - right of the fort
[h=2]Various Food NPCs[/h][h=3]Burger Refuge[/h]Required - Rupees
Go to the Burger Refuge, next to the bank and in western Graal City. Order these items at the counter by saying their names!
[h=2]Bruges's Bird Skins[/h][h=3]Bat[/h]Starts With. Buy back from Christian's shop in western Graal City
[h=3]Bird[/h]Buy from the Shop in northern Babord (where the blacksmith's shop used to be)
[h=3]Duck[/h]Buy from the Scrap Mart in northern Destiny
[h=3]Snow Town Bird[/h]GC Prize
[h=2]Rat Form Skins[/h] 
[h=3]Midget Form[/h]Required - Rat Form - 500 rupees
You can buy this from the shop in the western part of the Ninja Castle
[h=3]Mountain Spider Form[/h]Required - Rat Form - 500 rupees
You can buy this from the shop in Neoroner town.
[h=3]Rat Form[/h]Starts With. Buy back from Christian's shop in western Graal City
[h=3]Scorpion Form[/h]Required - Rat Form - 500 rupees
You can buy this from the shop at the entrance to Destiny.
[h=3]Crab Rat Form[/h]Required - Rat Form - 500 rupees
You can get this from the Zorbi castle. From where you enter underground, go North, East, North, and North, The Shop is to the right side.
[h=2]Fishing Lures[/h][h=3]Fishing Rod[/h]In Babord, go to the southernmost pier where a man is fishing. Next to him is an extra pole, touch it to get it with lvl 1 Lure
[h=3]Lure 2 - Medium Lure[/h]You can buy this at the Avalon fishing house for 60 rupees 
[h=3]Lure 3 - Big Lure[/h]You can buy this at the Avalon fishing house for 200 rupees
[h=3]Lure 4 - Turbo Lure[/h]You can buy this at the Avalon fishing house for 800 rupees
[h=3]Lure 5 - Magneto Lure[/h]You can buy this at Cliche town on the moon for 2400 rupees
[h=2]GC Prizes[/h][h=3]Angel Illusion[/h]Create an Illusion of Floating with Wings to heal.
[h=3]Carry Selves Illusion[/h]Create an illusion of carrying three people
[h=3]Coin[/h]Create an Illusion of Tossing a Coin and Get Outcome of Toss (h/t).
[h=3]Doll[/h]Create an Illusion of a Doll Being Held.
[h=3]Fake Dagger[/h]Create an Illusion of Dying. Cannot Be Hurt AFTER Used (while looking dead).
[h=3]Gold Rupee[/h]100 Rupees.
[h=3]Grog[/h]Increase Speed Momentarily. Limited Uses.
[h=3]Herb[/h]Heal. Limited Uses.
[h=3]"How to be an entertainer"[/h]Earn money while juggling.
[h=3]Jelly Beans[/h]Eat anywhere!
[h=3]Jumping Boots[/h]Jump.
[h=3]Portable Chair[/h]Sit anywhere!
[h=3]Random Chest[/h]Random prize.
[h=3]Suicide Dagger[/h]Kill Self (actual death).
[h=3]Triple Sword Technique[/h]Hurt other players with a triple-split animation.