I would love to see timestamps in the Gserver output. This is something that has been bugging me for a while.

What the hell is a timestamp? x_x

Ugh, the one time I ask a serious question on these forums and I get spam. The tables have turned on me. :frowning:

12:37 PM: That is a timestamp.
12:38 PM: It has been a minute since I typed that. It’s like in an instant message or IRC.

A Timestamp is something like a thin wrapper around java.util.Date that allows to identify some stuff that I don’t understand.
I am guessing this is something that could be useful for graal.

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Real life example of timestamps. (A spammer trying to get me to go to some adult pay site no doubt.)

Anyway I would like timestamps on gserver output to see when events happened and how much time passed between them, such as invalid player packets, how long a specific player was connected (for a specific session, not total time online in seconds as is stored in accounts) etc.

Why not just use some formula in timevar to set to your time or the hosts then use:
triggeraction 0,0,gr.appendfile,filename,text;

Then once the read file triggerhack is done you can call on it any time or optionally why not just use client strings and make a weapon that can display them then start to delete them so only 10 client strings exist at a time. I could give you some help with that client string method if you wanted…

This thread…

So yeah, timestamps. I turn them on in most programs when I can.

I appreciate them.

Add it.

This is something that was missing from the new gserver, so I have now added it. Thanks for catching it.

That was me.