To the owner of Bebop

Your onlinestartlocal/default starting level doesn’t exist…



Dylan is owner, havent seen since yesterday morning…he gave me full RC couple days ago so I could help server…hes using the classic (pre-teraheart) levelpack.

Eww. I hate all these stolen servers run by little newbs who haven’t played it as long as us elitists.

It all started with NPulse, then Maloria Classic (Turned out to be UN O_O), I hope people will create something new and completely original soon x.x

As long as the current GTA doesn’t appear in the DVD, I don’t care.

Well atleast you have an original server Spooon sorry to over look it…

Lol as annoying as the new kids the “elitist” are just a bunch of old asses… o’ sorry

3 months makes an elitist , good to know . also GTA isn’t original , we just show it respect cause spooon put all the effort into making it work again .

I don’t care. One more month then.
And I meant Zolderon you fat fuck.

i said GTA cause spoon reffered to it you skinny skank .


Problem resolved? Someone lock this, eh.

I dunno. Yenairo can probably rack up a few more posts in here.

But can he [alt-255] [alt-255] [alt-30] [enter] [alt 30] [alt 255] [alt 30] ?


▲ ▲


Keep editing it, it’s not gonna help.

lol too funny


I get uncomfortable if the format of a thread doesn’t go something like this:

1 - OP
2 - Yenairo (unhelpful remark)
3 - Random Graalian (vain attempt at being helpful)
4 - Yenairo (vain attempt at being clever)
5 - Spoon (telling Yenairo to fuck off)
6 - Yenairo (posting some loosely related image)
7 - Beholder (actually helpful)
8 - Yenairo (ZOMG!)
9 - OP (thanking Beholder)
10 - Yenairo (post deleted by Nalin. reason: quit fagging up my forums)

etc., etc.

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